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Thread: late round QB options

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    i do trust dixon i think he is well past batch, on the other hand i dont think drafting a 4th rounder or later necesarily means cutting batch or dixon the rookie could be on the practice squad this year

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    Quote Originally Posted by JollyRob68 View Post
    John Skelton,Jevan Snead and I like Dan Lefevour but I'm not taking a QB until the 5th or if I got an extra 4th. Skelton & Snead might be the steal of the draft.

    How about picking up Jason Campbell for a 5th or 6 st and then Trade Ben for a 1st and player(s)? Oakland for 1st 3rd and Nnamdi? Washington for McNAbb,Landry and their 1st and give them ben & willie Colon? Seattle for 1st swap 14th for our 18th and Owen Schmitt? Carolina for 2nd,next years 2nd and Jon Beason,Richard Marshall,Jeff Otah & Ryan Kalll for Ben & Colon or Ben & Starks? ETC
    Jason Campbell is one of the worst quarterbacks in the league. Put the average stats aside. Most of his touchdowns come in garbage time against prevent defenses. His yards come from dump off passes on 3rd and 15s where throws behind the LoS.

    I live in Skins nation and have seen him play in almost every game. I've made it my pleasure to make fun of my friends who are Skins fans for the last 4 years watching him.

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    I think Dennis Dixon will do very well and Batch will be his back-up...that being said as I have stated in other posts everyone needs to read the release of official records posted on was definitely an idiot but not quite the idiot the media and we fans are making him out to be...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 75Steeler View Post
    Batch will get hurt in his first start then it will be the Dennis Dixon show. Not that I want Charlie to get hurt but history has a way of repeating it's self.
    After all Batch has hurt himself handing off the ball!
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