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You may as well just start to search for him now... im having a hard time seeing thomas falling past miami. Sure, we could trade for him, but should we do so, Haden would probably be around and they will take Haden over Thomas, simply because he is a better cb, and thats what they need, not a safety who may or may not be able to play cb.

Also, it would be Colbert you should hunt... He is the one who has the final say in both picking and trading.
dude haden is overrated. if we draft him, im off to go support the lions. no joke.

I think the resigning of Clark will keep us from moving to get Thomas, and really it would be dumb to go get him, it would cost us too much like 2 round and maybe 3rd. I think if Thomas is still there at 18, he would be an option, but there is no way Thomas is one of the players the Steelers are going to trade for. Sorry man, but you will be disappointed. But would you really give up at least a second round pick for Thomas knowing we have Clark and Troy back there? Clark is not the best safety in the league, but when Troy is back there, Clark/Troy may be one of the best duos in the league.
have you ever heard of versatility. what if troy goes down, what if clark goes down, what if ike goes down.

insert haden, nothing, he can only be a boundary corner, insert wilson, he can play corner but not as good safety.

instert earl thomas and he has the versatility to be corner and safety.

yes i will be dissapointed come draft day because were going to have an absolute ****ing **** draft, just like years before when only 1 or 2 picks of the draft pan out.

overrated drafting we have had in previous years, always will never be like the 70's drafting