As of right now, no more Ben threads are to go up on this board unless there is new news as to what the Rooney's/NFL is going to do in regards to his punishment. We have more than enough threads all on Ben to last us a lifetime and at this point it's complete overkill. Every thread talks about the same thing and eveybody has more than made their points. If you want to continue talking about Ben, by all means knock yourself out, but do it in one of the existing threads.

This comes at the request of not only the staff, but also many members who have contacted me about the multitude of threads all about this same topic in one form or fashion. I understand he's that he is the hot topic right now, and righfully so, but let's make sure we stick to the normal ideals that SA has had in existance up to this point. The more threads, the more watered down the conversations can become. The staff has the authority to close/merge any new Ben threads that start that are not related to new news that we have not heard yet.

Thank you all for your continued participation on SA and and for being a part of our community of dedicated, die hard fans. Let's remember, we're not all going to agree with each other on this topic, but we all need to respect each others opinions as much as we want them to respect ours.