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Thread: Very good article on the media's lynching of ben..**Updated 4/21, 2nd article added**

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    I think Ben will accept whatever punishment is given...I can't see the commissioner giving him MORE than a 4 game suspension.....I think he'll be given 2 and a promise that he won't ever do this again...

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    If he does it again it would be his last as a STEELER ...

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    No matter how you slice it , dice it , roll it , shake it , bake it , roast it , broast it , stir fry , boil it , this topic is worn down to nothing . Can't we all let it go .

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    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    Howie Long said on Mike & Mike this AM best, Ben is a QB he'd pay to go watch, because what he does on the field is amazing and unlike any other QB in the league...I agree, and I'm one to admit I hung him out to dry, but hope I can get over it!
    I don't expect that Big Ben wants any sympathy from Steeler Nation.. he'll need that 'time off' to reflect of what he needs to do to re-establish his trust and character back to the Rooney family first & foremost. I really can't see him screwing up again if he wants to be the 'sheer champion' we all know he CAN be. Just hope he gives up the booze PERIOD!! Alcohol (being intoxicated) & drugs (any) destroy lives.. unfortunately some people are too dumb/ incredibly naive and lazy to comprehend common sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gettysburgh_Steel View Post
    No matter how you slice it , dice it , roll it , shake it , bake it , roast it , broast it , stir fry , boil it , this topic is worn down to nothing . Can't we all let it go .
    Not really.. I'm a believer that episodes like these type of sagas builds NEW BRIDGES and the Steelers thrive on adversity so this is the type of adversity that shapes the seventh Lombardi.  10

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    I hate to put another Ben topic up, but...

    this needs to be put up for those of you who keep ranting he's a rapist without reading the facts. I thought this was a great article and should be shared.


    "The Case Against Ben Roethlisberger's Accuser" by PalmerSucks, Esquire

    A "'Sucks Says" Special Report

    Well they're out, some 500 pages worth of court documents on "Roethlisbergate" and I've just got done reading a good part of the transcripts. What hasn't helped Ben's case is that the bulk of the alleged victim's and her friend's statements appear first -- all the easier for the media to pick up and feast on. Upon reading, though, I've found that some of these stories – in particular the victim’s and her friend’s -- have more holes than a barn full of Swiss Cheese.

    For example, there’s this sad-sounding little song:

    Ms. Biancofiore, the accuser's friend, says the woman "was dragged by a bodyguard to the back room in Capital.”

    Elsewhere, though, Ms. Biancofiore sings a slightly different tune:

    Student Nicole Biancofiore told Milledgeville officers that Barravecchio "placed his hand" on the young accuser's "shoulder and (applied) a little bit of pressure to guide her" to the staff restroom.

    Well, which is it, Ms. Biancofiore? Was it a case of your friend practically being kidnapped by Ben's goons, or was it, as you suggest later, just a poor drunk girl being "guided" to the bathroom?

    Read on and you'll find all kinds of inconsistencies. I've read page after page of them, and based on the large amount of court testimony and commentary out there now, have been able to reconstruct a little "trial" based on the information available. All quotes are attributed to actual sources as linked. And now, without further delay:

    I call to the stand Mr. Roethlisberger's accuser, whom out of respect to anonymity granted the alleged victims of sexual assault, shall be referred to as "Miss X."

    Miss X, let us establish your initial contact and statement with the police on the night of March 4, 2010:

    When she first approached a police officer outside the nightclub immediately after the incident, Mr. Bright said, "The police officer asked 'Did he rape you?' And her response was 'No.' Then he asked, 'Did you have sex?' And she said, 'Well, I'm not sure.'

    So Miss X, not only do you initially deny that Mr. Roethlisberger sexually assaulted you -- you don't even claim you two even had sexual contact to begin with. A short time later, down at the police station, you change your story, and claim you did in fact have sex with Mr. Roethlisberger, and that he in fact forced himself upon you. Thank you, Miss X, that will be all.

    To repeat, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Miss X at first wonders whether she or Mr. Roethlisberger had sexual relations at all, let alone that she was "raped" -- and perhaps with good reason. I call to the stand Dr. Cyril Wecht, well-known forensic expert:

    Forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril H. Wecht, however, said he was "puzzled" that authorities knew the DNA came from a human male but could not profile the sample and compare it to genetic material from Mr. Roethlisberger. "You don't need a lot of material," Dr. Wecht said. "If you have enough to identify material and have enough to identify it as male and you're not able to do a DNA profile -- I'm puzzled. I really am puzzled."

    Well then, if a renowned expert such as Dr. Wecht finds this whole matter a bit hard to figure – shouldn’t we take note?

    I call to the stand another expert on the subject:

    A scientist at Orchid Cellmark Inc., a company that does genetic testing, agreed with Dr. Wecht. "If a lab is good with their technology, even from very small amounts of DNA, they can get a decent result," said Dr. Rick W. Staub, Orchid Cellmark's forensics laboratory director, scientific operations.

    So now, we have established not one, but two experts who find the lack of DNA evidence available – given the victim’s claim of sexual assault – rather odd.

    For the record, it should now be noted, the accuser has identified the type of sexual contact to have occurred -- "unprotected sex."

    Well no wonder you are "puzzled," Dr. Wecht -- for if Miss X and Mr. Roethlisberger did have sexual intercourse -- unprotected let's remember -- would not then the alleged victim be a veritable fountain of DNA? And yet, the doctors who examined her after the alleged attack could not find the smallest speck of genetic material from which to base a sample match. How odd - how very, very odd. One would think after contact so alleged a woman would be -- pardon my graphic nature here -- flowing with DNA, a veritable Niagara Falls of the stuff. And yet she turns up bone dry, a Gobi Desert. How on God's green earth is this even possible?

    And to make matters clear, Dr. Wecht, you come out and specify the only types of sexual contact that could possibly not leave DNA residue:

    Dr. Wecht pointed out that some kinds of sexual assault -- such as a "superficial altercation" -- and some types of sexual contact -- such as oral sex -- could leave no biological calling cards.

    Did you get that? That's superficial contact, or perhaps oral contact -- as opposed to the full-on intercourse alleged by the victim. And to put things in perspective, Doctor, just what size of specimen would be needed to initiate a DNA test?

    ...a nanogram of DNA, which is a billionth of a gram. A raisin weighs about a gram, so if you could cut a raisin into a billion pieces, we need one of those. So this particular result was far less than even a nanogram.

    Again, Miss X tells us in no uncertain terms that she and Mr. Roethlisberger had unprotected sexual intercourse -- the home-run, all-the-way kind -- certainly not any sort of "superficial altercation" to which Dr. Wecht refers. And yet -- the medical examiners couldn't even obtain a "nanogram" of material needed. How strange -- how very, very strange.

    Much has been made of the alleged victim's injuries, particularly bleeding, which the anti-Roethlisberger crowd has pointed to as "sure evidence" of some kind of forced sex. In fact, far from incriminating Mr. Roethlisberger, it may just achieve the opposite.

    I call to the stand DA Bright himself, to shed some light on the matter:

    Mr. Bright said that after speaking with police, the woman was taken to Oconee Regional Medical Center in Milledgeville, where she was examined by an emergency room doctor and two nurses. Their medical evaluation of her reported superficial laceration, bruising and slight bleeding in the genital area, but the doctor could not say whether the injuries were from any kind of trauma or sexual assault.

    So you see, not even the medical examiners could find evidence of forced contact. Again, that's rather strange, don’t you think, given the alleged victim’s claims?

    Now then, let's look at the alleged victim's charge in light of two other facts known that night. First, as witnesses have informed us, Mr. Roethlisberger was quite careful not to be photographed with any sort of alcoholic beverage in his hand. Secondly, we know he was conscious of trouble he might get into with young women.

    "At The Brick restaurant, Roethlisberger was asked whether he wanted to take the party back to the accuser's sorority house, but he said, "Hell no. That's a lawsuit waiting to happen," student Katie Cromie told investigators."

    So it's clear Mr. Roethlisberger did in fact have the avoiding of trouble on his mind -- so much so that the mere idea of going near a sorority house scared him. And yet Miss X, you wish us to believe that he'd think nothing of whipping out his genitals in a nightclub -- as you claim -- and sexually assaulting you on a toilet seat. Does this not seem rather inconsistent with his previously noted attitude?

    You are expecting us to believe, Miss X, that Mr. Roethlisberger, who've we've established as being aware of the trouble he could get into with women -- conscious of the consequences of his actions as a high-profile professional athlete -- would risk his entire career and fortune by having forced and unprotected sex with a stranger in the bathroom of a nightclub? A man afraid of "lawsuits" would turn around and care nothing about, say, an unwanted pregnancy? Really, truly and seriously?

    You are expecting us to believe, Miss X, that a man some six-feet-five, two hundred fifty pounds had sex with you -- on a toilet seat -- in a closet of a bathroom some 5-feet wide? I find it hard to believe the both of you could fit in the thing to begin with -- well, whatever.

    I submit to you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that Miss X's first statement to police, on the night of March 4th was in fact the truthful one: that not only did Ben Roethlisberger not rape her, but in fact, most likely never even had sexual intercourse with her, consensual or otherwise. Whatever contact between the two may have occurred, didn’t quite go down the way she said. And thus her claim, and the claims of all her friends, are nothing but fabrications and embellishments, the inconsistencies of which bear out this fact.

    Ladies and gentlemen of the jury -- the defense rests.


    Now then, if some yahoo on the 'net like me can pick apart the accuser’s story like this, imagine what a real attorney would do to her during discovery. Maybe that's the real reason she and her family didn't want this to proceed any further?

    In his post-investigation news conference, District Attorney Fred Bright declined to prosecute Roethlisberger because he could not prove a rape happened "beyond a reasonable doubt." I believe he knew the likely falsehood of the alleged victim's claim the whole time -- but rather than scold HER for slinging a false accusation, he chose to go after Mr. Roethlisberger's character instead -- a much safer and more politically correct move. That is perhaps what's most disappointing of all. Far from being "Milledgeville CSI," what we had here was "Milledgeville, BS." Sorry, Mr. Bright, but looks to me like you went after the wrong "victim" here.

    You can say a lot of things about Ben Roethlisberger -- that he's dumb, foolish, reckless and may not be the world's number-one gentleman. But what you CAN'T talk about, it's clear, are things you "know" happened, nonsense like Ben having his goons drag (again, Ms. Biancofiore, which is it?) some helpless young drunk girl down a dark hallway, where Ben was waiting to pounce with his junk already out of his pants. How ANYONE is taking this stuff seriously is beyond me. Unfortunately, though, this kind of juicy story is what sells, compounded by the fact that Roethlisberger and the team have decided to clam up in the hopes of having the thing blow over sooner. Which only adds to the "credibility" of the accuser's story.

    A question for the "dump Ben" crowd: would you still feel the same way if you found out this latest incident was based on a lie? And so Pittsburgh, and so Stillers Nation, despise your quarterback if you must. Just make sure you're doing it for the right reasons.

    (The views of PalmerSucks are not those of -- but should be.)
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    Good find... Innocent or guilty, he is obviously not in the best graces when it comes to the NFL. Hense the reason why i wanted the steelers, not the NFL, to suspend him. Lets just say, we keep Ben and he is a model citizen for this next season. In the off-season he goes out to a bar/club, stays totally sober and goes home. The next morning, he wakes up and some NEW girl says she was sexually assulted. HE IS SCREWED! Because the next move for the nfl is a indefinate suspension (10 game minimum and he has to be allowed back in the league). If it sounds far fetched, well its kinda like EXACTLY what we all want to believe happened in the first two cases.

    If the NFL would have let the Rooneys suspend him, an instance like the one i suggested could be looked at as completely BOGUS and dismissed because he has no prior history/suspension with the league.

    What im saying is, all it takes is for him to be stupid, set-up or just wrong place wrong time, and we lose a huge investment and get NOTHING for him going foward!

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    Thank you...people find it so easy to crucify Ben and call him a rapist but they don't see that there are a few differet sides to each story...I'm not saying that nothing happened but no one can say for sure, 100% that he did, or did not, rape's unbelievable how some people are calling for his head based on a very sketchy allegation and witnesses who keep changing up their stories....If Ben gets traded, which would be beyond stupid, don't start whining when we are consistantly losing because we can't find a franchise QB...Once Ben gets back from his suspension and starts winning games for us, all of you calling for his head will have all but forgotten this...

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    Ehhh still, what are you doing with a 20 year old in a bathroom of a college town bar? Ben's first case with McCrazy I dont think happened but this one, not so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelCityKid5 View Post
    Ehhh still, what are you doing with a 20 year old in a bathroom of a college town bar? Ben's first case with McCrazy I dont think happened but this one, not so much.

    There are 28 year old guys with 20 year old women all across this country in various bars. Why is everyone acting like what he did was so abnormal??? He's a horny young man like all 28 year old guys are.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Real Deal Steel View Post
    There are 28 year old guys with 20 year old women all across this country in various bars. Why is everyone acting like what he did was so abnormal??? He's a horny young man like all 28 year old guys are.
    not to mention the fact that he may not have known she was only 20, seeing as how she got in with a fake ID...

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