Saying I absoultely love this mock would be an understatement...If this were to happen I could die after the first round and die a happy man...

SoS's Mock of April

#1: The St. Louis Rams: QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma

#2: The Detroit Lions select: DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska

#3: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers select: DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma

#4: The Washington Redskins select: OT Russell Okung, Oklahoma State

#5: The Kansas City Chiefs select: DT Dan Williams, Tennessee

#6: The Seattle Seahawks select: S Eric Berry, Tennessee

#7: The Cleveland Browns select: LB Rolando McClain, Alabama

#8: The Oakland Raiders select: OT Trent Williams, Oklahoma

#9: The Buffalo Bills select: LT Bryan Bulaga, Iowa

JAX receives PHI #24, #70, and #137 overall for #10 and #180 overall

#10: The Philadelphia Eagles (via Jax) select: CB Joe Haden, Florida

#11: The Denver Broncos (via Chi) select: DE/DT Jared Odrick, Penn State

#12: The Miami Dolphins select: S Earl Thomas, Texas

#13: The San Francisco 49ers select: RB CJ Spiller, Clemson

SEA receives DEN Brandon Marshall and #45 overall for #14 overall

#14: The Denver Broncos (via Sea) select: QB Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame

NYG receives ATL #19 and #117 overall for #15 overall

#15: The Atlanta Falcons (via NYG) select: DE Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech

#16: The Tennessee Titans select: DE Jason Pierre-Paul

#17: The San Francisco 49ers (via CAR) select: OT Anthony Davis, Rutgers

PIT receives TB #35 overall and 2011 1st rounder for #18 overall

#18: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via PIT) select: WR Dez Bryant, Oklahoma City

**And as Raheem Morris and Co watch Dez slip, they grow more anxious by the second. Pittsburgh has met with Dez Bryant and shown interest in him, so Tampa Bay knows that if they want to try and get the #1 WR at all, they will have to make their move now. Pittsburgh gets terrific value with an early 2nd round pick and the Bucs 1st rounder next year which will more than likely be a top 10 selection. Before his stock began to slip, Tampa Bay considered Dez with #3 overall. Now that Antonio Bryant left the team they really lack a true threat for Freeman. They now get a WR that told reporters "I'm going to make every team that passed on me regret it".

#19: The New York Giants (via ATL) select: LB Sean Weatherspoon, Mizzou

#20: The Houston Texans select: CB Kyle Wilson, Boise State

#21: The Cincinnati Bengals select: OG Mike Iupati, Idaho

NE receives DAL #27, #125 overall, and 2011 7th for #22 overall

#22: The Dallas Cowboys (via NE) select: S Taylor Mays, USC

#23: The Green Bay Packers select: OT Bruce Campbell, Maryland

#24: The Jacksonville Jaguars (via Phi) select: DE Brandon Graham, Michigan

#25: The Baltimore Ravens select: WR Demaryius Thomas, Georgia Tech

ARI receives PIT #35, #116 overall, and 2011 6th for #26 overall

#26: The Pittsburgh Steelers (via ARI) select: G/C Maukice Pouncey, Florida

**The Steelers sacrificed this guy as the they traded away their 1st round pick, but as he surprisingly falls out of the top 25, they feel pressed to trade back up and get there guy. They still come out with a potential top 10 pick next year while only surrending a 4th round pick this year to get the guy they wanted at #18. Pouncey is a versatile specimen who could play all of the positions on the OLine for the Steelers except LT. That type of versatility will be loved by this FO who is very good at selecting prospects that can do a variety of different things to help the team win. .

#27: The New England Patriots (via DAL) select: LB/DE Sergio Kindle, Texas

#28: The San Diego Chargers select: NT Terrence Cody, Alabama

#29: The New York Jets select: LB/DE Jerry Hughes, TCU

#30: The Minnesota Vikings select: QB Tim Tebow, Florida

IND receives SD #40 and #126 overall for #31 and #238 overall

#31: The San Diego Chargers (via IND) select: RB Ryan Mathews, Fresno State

#32: The New Orleans Saints select: DT Brian Price, UCLA
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