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Thread: Time to take a step back, Steeler Nation

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    Quote Originally Posted by 75Steeler View Post
    Agreed Neither Ben or Santonio will leave the team because of these situations. Yes professional sports is changing even in our Steelers who have been fairly B/S free till recent years.

    I just think we fans are frustrated because we are looking forward to the draft and trying to talk football but all we see and hear about our team is this crap.

    for #7 this season!
    I really wouldn't garuntee Holmes a Steeler much longer with his suspension looming and recent twitter events.

    With the emergence of Mike Wallace last year the Steelers may well let him go. Holmes may of certainly dug himself into a whole lot of **** this offseason.

    Just saying but a good nice read

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    A very well-written and interesting post, TG!

    Almost all teams have had their off-season woes but, with the Steelers being such an elite team, you get pounded by the national media. The Bucs have had their share but they don't attract that much attention.

    Here's hoping it's all over soon and y'all have a great 2010 season!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TOP GUN View Post
    The Steeler Nation needs to take a step back into reality

    To all Steeler fans out there, and non Steeler fans alike, itís time to take a step back into reality here. The recent events that have transpired this offseason involving Roethlisberger & Holmes have obviously struck a nerve with many a fan of the black Ďn gold. We havenít seen an offseason like this, possibly ever, in the history of our beloved team. Steelers players just generally are not the type to make so many off the field waves, causing the national media to scrutinize the inner workings of the Steelers front office. The Steelers are one of the most respected teams in all of professional sports and they pride themselves on surrounding their coach with quality people both on and off the field.

    Times are changing here folks and todayís athlete is not like the ones even 10 years ago, let alone 30 years ago. The readily available temptations that can cause even the most grounded individual to have a moment of pause, are so prevalent in todayís society that things of this nature were bound to happen sooner or later. There is no amount of scouting, pre employment interviews, or anything else that can fully guarantee a player will stay out of trouble off the field. Itís just going to happen so you might as well get used to it. I have so read many articles, seen so many message board posts, and heard so many people talking, about getting rid of these players because they don't act like your "typical Steeler player". Just because itís not something Steeler fans have had to deal with much in their history doesnít mean you all of the sudden start tossing players off the team; sorry folks it doesnít work that way.

    The Steelers have spent considerable amounts of money in players like Holmes & Roethlisberger, so to anyone that honestly thinks either of these players should be released or traded, you really need to do some rethinking here. Ben is your 2 time Super Bowl winning QB who by the time itís all said and done will own every passing record in team history. Weíve suffered through the tough times since Terry Bradshaw called it quits; with the likes of guys like Brister, Woodley, Stoudt, Stewart, Graham, etc. The list goes on and on through the decades of average or below average Quarterback play on a team that has always had a solid running game, good offensive line, and great defenses. There is not one person who can actually say they would sacrifice all the potential success that will come with Ben at the reigns or all the previous success with 2 more Lombardiís in the front office, just to get rid of some off the field problems and bad press. It just doesnít work that way folks. Itís true that Ben needs to have a serious soul searching session and realize that rules that apply to all of us, apply to him as well. Nobody is saying what he did was right or that any of us approve of it, however itís not the end of the world. The NFL is a business and the Steelers are in that business; the bottom line is to win, period!

    We shouldnít be concerned with Ben being the model citizen, the perfect fan favorite, or the poster boy for your children to look up too. Ladies and Gentlemen, your kids should be raised to make their own decisions based on the values that you instill in them as they are growing up. There is no excuse for a parent to complain that their kids look up to athletes so therefore each one needs to be the perfect role model. These people are in fact just that, real people, who happen to have a high profile job. You canít expect them to be perfect nor can you expect them to not ever let your kids down just because he runs around in a #7 jersey. It was nice to sit back and be able to say how great the Steelers players are, how they never get in trouble, how we could never be like those other teams, but those times are gone. There is a price to pay for success in this day and age. Itís not going to get any better and the days of the quiet offseasons for not only our Steelers but any team in any sport, are long gone. Every offseason somebody is going to do something to stir the pot, and weíll be back having these same discussions again.

    There is not one person who can willingly say that they would rather go back to having a non playoff contending team, or a having a team during the Cowher years who couldnít make it over the hump to another championship, for the sake of good role models. You can talk all you want about ďtrade Ben, release Holmes, this stuff is inexcusable, etc. but itís not going to change. Thatís not how it works; the Steelers are a business and they are in the business of winning just like anyone else. I have been a fan of the Steelers for as long as I can remember, I have their logo tattooed on my leg, I run a Steelers fan website, I have followed our beloved black n gold religiously even the brink of craziness in some peopleís eyes. I know what it means to be a fan of the Steelers, I appreciate what ďthe ChiefĒ did for this team, and I realize that Dan Rooney is an icon in sports and one of the most reputable men in the history of sports management. The Steelers know what it means to be part of the community and have players that are upstanding citizens in the community and guys that care about what their personal actions mean to the team as a whole and its fans. The reality is, todayís athlete is different and susceptible to the same temptations that any average Joe is. The fact that they make more money than most of us could ever dream of, or that they play on the Steelers, is just not a reason to go sacrifice the success of your team by getting rid of these players. I do not want to spend hundreds of dollars to go see a game, where the performance is sub par for the sake of having model citizens on the team.

    I for one, would not trade the 2 Super Bowl trophies, and the potential future success that guys like Holmes & Roethlisberger will be a part of just because of allegations and some bad decisions in their personal lives. Way too many fans and media personalities want to lynch Ben and send Holmes packing when nobody has the true facts in any of these cases. You only know what the police and/or media want you to know at this point. There are way too many unknown facts for anybody to sit there either of these 2 guys. Letís face it, Ray Lewis was on trial for murder, and he was welcomed back with open arms by the Ravens and their fans. Nobody talks about that anymore, and soon the same will be said for Holmes & Roethlisberger because quite frankly, winning cures all ill feelings and on Sunday afternoon at Heinz Field during the 2010 season all the fans in the stands will be cheering just like always.

    I'm just as tired of hearing about our Steelers in the news like everyone else, let's just play some football already! Quite honestly, a short article like this may not sit well with old school Steeler fans who aren't used to this type of behavior from their favorite players, but like I said in the beginning, times are different now..for better and for worse.

    excellent post man. agree on everything. one thing i would like to add though, is that players in all sports of the past weren't exactly angels themselves. the main difference, other than the salary difference, is that the media these days covers a lot more than they did in previous years. look at guys like babe ruth or mickey mantle. they were both alcoholics and notorious womanizers. but the press in those days catered to famous athletes and kept that stuff out of the news. it wasn't until many years later we learned about how crazy athletes from previous eras actually were off the field. nowadays EVERYTHING comes out because that's what sells papers/gets tv ratings/etc

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    Since I wrote this article, obviously things have changed on the front of Santonio Holmes who is now a Jet. I still stand by my statement that trading him was a bad idea and that the Steelers should not have done it. It's neither here nor there now and he's gone so it's time to move on.

    I will be writing a new article hopefully this weekend on the recent events that transpired with Ben so stay tuned if you like

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    Holmes had his fourth incident when he failed the drug test. He has shown that he wasn't going to change and that is why he is gone. If Ben has another incident, I fear he too will have worn out his welcome. The only reason Ben has gotten this extension is because franchise QB's are too hard to find and trading him would be punishing the rest of the team who is built to win championships right now.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Real Deal Steel View Post
    Holmes had his fourth incident when he failed the drug test. He has shown that he wasn't going to change and that is why he is gone. If Ben has another incident, I fear he too will have worn out his welcome. The only reason Ben has gotten this extension is because franchise QB's are too hard to find and trading him would be punishing the rest of the team who is built to win championships right now.
    Yep! Getting rid of Ben would be as big an act of stupidity in public as that committed by Ben himself! Let's do as TOPGUN suggested and take a step back...a ruling is coming within the next few days...everyone relax!

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    How did that pitch go ? Steelers are rock solid , and solid as a rock . To stay solid in todays NFL , there may be a need for sacrifices for the teams sake . We have all acknowledged that no player is bigger than the team its self . Well , most have anyway .
    The player can , and will be gone , but the team will continue to prosper , and gain recognition over the whole league . To be successfull you must muster up the energy from with in to thrive . You lose , you get good draft picks , you win , you get bad ones .
    The team is the one one that survives . We have been pretty damn good at that , and i see no special priviledges for any player what so ever . Worth to the team may be levied , but the overall integrity of the team , must , or should bear the brunt of that said reason to retain a player or not .
    Argue and fight amongst the nation or not , there are valid reasons to move on and purify our immage . Our immage is worth more than a single player after all. Swap integrity for a win ? That is not what made the Steelers , and that is what makes me proud to be a part of such legacy .
    Peace out

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