LATROBE, Pa. - Brett Keisel is less worried about his responsibilities as the Pittsburgh Steelers' new right defensive end than he is about what fans might say when a back runs through his side of the line.

"People are going to say 'Well, if Kimo was there the play would've been different,'" Keisel said. "There is a lot of pressure. But I like pressure."

So far, he's handling it well. Keisel gained 15 pounds to better replace the departed Kimo von Oelhoffen and is drawing raves as training camp reaches the middle of its second week. The consensus is that Keisel brings the same rush he did as a passing-down lineman for the past two years, but that he can also handle two gaps in the Steelers' 3-4 defense.

Left tackle Marvel Smith, who has to block Keisel in practice, raved about the difference he's seen this year.