SA will be undergoing maintenance on Sunday 3/21/2010 between the hours of 4am - 6am, EST. At that time the forums will be unavailable. There will be an update posted in the shoutbox shortly before we start as well as an update posted here in this thread. Once the maintenance is complete the forums will reopen for normal activity.

We don't anticipate any issues at this point with any of our current addons ceasing to function or functioning any differently than they currently do. In the event though that we do find a problem with a particular mod we will be keep everyone informed via this thread of the issue and the progress towards a fix (if any) for that feature.

This is basic forum software maintenance, as well as adding the Sports Icons feature to the forums that some of you have requested. The plaza, vbookie, and arcade should still function as normal but again just in case something goes sideways we wanted to keep you all informed.

After this upgrade is complete and we verify everything is working ok, we'll set a date to upgrade the Arcade to the latest version as well as the plaza.

Any questions in the mean time, feel free to post up here.

Thanks all!!