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Thread: Byron Leftwich: Steelers want to sign Leftwich?

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    I'd be all for bringing back Leftwich. I still hope we don't lose Ben because of this Georgia assault claim though. Leftwich knows the Steelers and seemed comfortable here. He and Dixon can get some mentoring from Batch and develop into a strong race for #2 should we lose Ben to injury or legal issues.

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    let randel el play QB, we'll draft thomas and trade up to grab pouncey and spikes and that be our draft class and then randel el will lead us to a 2-14 record and then

    locker 2011!

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    Bryon wont come back to be the #3 QB and Dixon is moving towards being #2. I would rather have Dixon be the #2 because this is the final year of his contract and maybe if he plays well, we could keep him or get a 1st round pick for him, depending on the tender.

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    Dixon definitely showed something, but showing some promise in one NFL game is a far cry from being able to lead a team to a championship. Wisenhunt did a masterful job in 2004 with the rookie Big Ben; strongly doubt Ariens could do the same with Dixon.

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