St Louis- Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame

They need a face of the franchise, the Sam Bradford rumors HAVE to be a smokescreen, they wouldnt be that stupid would they?

Detroit- Russel Okung OT Oklahoma State

Teams are waking up that the DTs might not have the value here, they need a LT.....imo okung is not as good as oher was coming out and they passed on oher. Well now they have to pay for it with another 30+ million guaranteed to keep stafford upright.

Tampa- Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska

Tampa has always been about defense, They are thrilled to get suh at this pick, he is an instant upgrade and will be a difference maker.

Washington- Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa

They need oline and believe it or not this is where bulagas value is going to fall, hes a premier talent no doubt in my mind.

Kansas City- Gerald Mccoy DT Oklahoma

Seems tough to pass on him since he is a prototype 34 end and was often projected to be long gone by now. they can trade dorsey now and have 2 STUD ends with tyson jackson and gerald mccoy

Seattle - Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma

They need a Qb but Bradford has no value here. The seahawks have their answer to alex smith lol

Cleveland- Eric Berry S Tennesse

They need secondary, Haden disappointed them and they are shocked to see berry…slam dunk pick imo

Oakland- Bruce Campbell OT Maryland

Tough pick, i think it comes down to campbell, mays and JPP. Im going with campbell, al davis is thinking about him right now as we speak

Buffalo- Anthony Davis OT Rutgers

they need oline no doubts, anthony davis could have a oher-like fall cause of him being "lazy" but the bills almost need to walk out of the first with a LT

Jacksonville- Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma State

I have mixed feeling about Bryant…adarius bowman was a first round prospect too and he cant even land in the CFL. Bryant is not calvin Johnson, hes not andre Johnson, I don’t even think hes a Michael crabtree. Hes a name more than an elite prospect. The jags cant possibly take tebow here at this point

Denver- Rolando Mcclain MLB Bama

He will be a stud in the middle....they signed green and jamaal williams. Hes perfect for the middle as the still make the transition to a 34

Miami- Terrence Cody NT Bama

They have some great young talent on the dline. Langford, merling, cody….awesome line, perfect 34 line. theres rumors that cody wont make it pass the dolphins lately, i think this man has value in the first round.

San Francisco- Joe Haden CB Florida

They love to see him here, someone to team up with Nate Clements and give them 2 great corners to match teams like AZ and their passing attack

Seattle- Taylor Mays SS USC

Carrol gets his boy, thank god i am so glad hes off the board already

New York Giants- Sean Weatherspoon OLB Mizzou

Sintim and Weatherspoon=awesome. spoon has been SKYROCKETING lately

Tennessee- Dan Williams DT Tennessee

As they search for haynesworths replacement they find themselves with dan Williams who can be a disruptor in the middle of a 43 line.

San Francisco – Trent Williams OT Oklahoma

Gaping hole at RT, hes a great RT

Pittsburgh- Earl Thomas S Texas

Earl Thomas and Polamalu could be legendary. Not the elite prospect berry is, but as close as you can get.

Atlanta- Jason Pierre-Paul DE South Florida

Perfect for them to put opposite Abraham. Abraham, jerry, bump Anderson to DT and JPP on the end they have a dline that will be a handful….he could be long gone by now, but him being dumb and a workout warrior made him fall

Houston- CJ Spiller RB clemson

The run game suffered when slaton went down. Hes a part time back anyway and brown, moats and the other guy are nothing more than backups. Spiller will dominate in the zone blocking scheme they run.

Cincinnati- Carlos Dunlap DE FLorida

Dunlap has character concerns, desire concerns….but that’s never been a problem for the Bengals year in and year out. Odoms injury is pretty serious, dunlap gives them depth on a pretty solid defense

New England- Brandon Graham OLB Michigan

This pick pains me, but it’s a slam dunk choice if hes there

Green Bay- Kyle Wilson CB Boise state
They are old at corner, Wilson is the consenus #2 corner and has value right here….all the oline is pretty much depleted in the first round

Philadelphia- Mike Iupati G Idaho

The shawn Andrews era has ended, hes the best guard prospect since….well, shawn andrews

Baltimore- Jermaine Greshem TE Oklahoma

Heap is old, they want to get flacco some more weapons. Greshem is a terrific pass catching TE.

Arizona- Sergio Kindle OLB Texas

Clark Haggans is old and they lost dansby…best 34 OLB left on the board

New York Jets - Golden Tate WR Notre Dame

Tate ran well at the combine, he gives them a physical presence out wide, a willing blocker in the run heavy offense and a legit threat to go along with edwards

Dallas- Maurkice Pouncey C/G Florida

Not the biggest need, but tremendous value here imo, pouncey will be an elite center but can kick out to guard at any point. They play in a divison with some elite dlinemen, upgrades along the line are always welcome

Minnesota- Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech

Kind of surprising he fell this far, but they need a legit end opposite allen

San Diego- Ryan Matthews RB Fresno state

Pretty common pick, I kind of think it is a lock at this point.

Indianapolis- Charles Brown OT USC

He bulked up to LT standards this offseason. Hes a tremendous pass blocker and exactly what the colts look for in a tackle

New Orleans- Brian Price DT UCLA

Penetrating DT to play with ellis, this defense is building up to an elite status


33. St. Louis Rams WR: Arrelious Benn: Illinois:
First Round Talent as an athlete, second round talent as a football player

34. Detroit Lions: Jared Odrick DT Penn State
They get a similar player to Gerald Mccoy at this spot since they passed on mccoy/suh in the first

35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: WR: DeMaryius Thomas: Georgia Tech:
Top talent, would be gone by now if he didnt break his foot

36. Kansas City Chiefs: OLB: Jerry Hughes
as they continue to build the 34, they get a great rush OLB

37. Washington Redskins: Javid Best RB Cal
Running Game is in shambles with portis slowly losing it. Theres no QB worth taking here, if they drafted Colt Mccoy they would have 2 on that roster named colt with similar skill sets and pike might be a reach here

38. Cleveland Browns: RB: Patrick Robinson CB FSU
They get berry in the first and robinson in the second....good day for that secondary

39. Oakland Raiders: Everson Griffen DE USC
A somewhat forgotten man throughout the draft process, local product and a physical freak

40. Seattle Seahawks: Damien Williams WR USC
Carrol Gets his boy (again) only this time hes actually pretty talented

41. Buffalo Bills: Cam Thomas NT UNC
As they try to build a 34 defense thomas is the best NT on the board still, lets them move stroud to end and hopefully get some production out of maybin

42. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Brandon Ghee CB Wake Forest
They get a nice CB to take over for barber and a great player opposite talib

43. Miami Dolphins: WR: Brandon Spikes MLB Florida
Parcells loves LBs, spikes shouldnt be here...the gap between him and mcclain is minimal imo

44. New England Patriots: Ricky Sapp OLB/DE Clemson
They are trying to get a pass rush going, they will convert sapp to OLB

45. Denver Broncos: Perrish Cox CB Oklahoma State
Bailey is getting pretty old and this gives them a duo of the future with cox and alphonso smith

46. New York Giants: LaMarr Houston: Texas
They wanted dan williams in the first, but this gives them a great fit for their system

47. New England Patriots: Brandon Lafell WR LSU
Moss wont be back beyond next year, welker has a bad knee now...they need to sure up the position, lafell is great value here

48. Carolina Panthers: DE: Koa Misi: Utah:
Trying to replace peppers, not sure this does it but hes a decent player

49. San Francisco 49ers: S: Nate Allen: USF:
They got Haden in the first and now they sure up the safety spot which is questionable at best right now

50. Kansas City Chiefs: Mardy Gilyard WR Cincy
Great player to play opposite of bowe and can start out in the slot. A santonio holmes clone that will have an impact his rookie year, very pro-ready

51. Houston Texans: Chad Jones S LSU
Good Value here, Jones a potential first round pick will be a stud SS for years, an adrian wilson clone

52. Pittsburgh Steelers: OLB Thaddeus Gibson Ohio State
This is just me living my fantasy of thomas and gibson

53. New England Patriots Ron Gronkowski TE Arizona
the second best TE, which is a major need for them right now

54. Cincinnati Bengals: Major Wright S Florida
Roy Willaims isnt the answer

55. Philadelphia Eagles: LB: Daryl Washington: TCU:
Pure speed at LB to play in their 43 defense....losing witherspoon to the titans and having bradley back this will sure up their LBs

56. Green Bay Packers: Jason Fox OT Miami
They need oline and love the white guys

57. Baltimore Ravens: Corey Wootton DE Northwestern
Awesome value here, he can move around on the line and ngata will really help him out playing in a 34...he will get sacks as a 34 end

58. Arizona Cardinals: TE: Aaron Hernandez: Florida:
pope was a bust a few years ago, they need to get lienart a TE to complete the passing attack

59. Dallas Cowboys: Vladimir Duccasse OT/OG Mass
idk, its tough to peg the cowboys pressing needs. imo duccasse is a 3rd round guard prospect, but he could also one day play LT and flo wont be around forever

60. San Diego Chargers: Devin Mccourty CB Rutgers
Trading away cromartie now they have another corner to groom behind cason and jammer

61. New York Jets: DT/DE: Arthur Jones: Syracuse:
Just building the defense under ryan, jones is a versatile player

62. Minnesota Vikings: Tony Pike QB Cincy
Clearly favre is dying, this is good value for pike who needs to bulk up a little bit

63. Indianapolis Colts: Sean Lee MLB Penn State
Undersized MLB...sounds like what the colts look for

64. New Orleans Saints: Jonathan Dwyer RB Georgia Tech
They held a value value for wells last year, dwyer is not that far off, this pick wouldnt surprise me at all

Best of the rest:

Eric Norwood
Navorro Bowman
Jared Valdheer
Selvish Capers
Kareem Jackson
Domonique Franks
Donovan Warren
Jerome Murphy
Colt Mccoy
Tim Tebow
Toby Gerhart
Dexter Mccluster
John Jerry
Alex Carrington
Morgan Burnett
Reshed Jones