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Thread: Steelers should give Tomlin a new deal

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    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    Love the guy, but with 2 yrs left on his current contract I wouldn't be in too big of a hurry...
    I agree, what's the big rush?

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    you are all forgetting that tomlin inherited a superbowl team and has arguably the greatest defensive coordinator ever. tomlin really hasn't done a whole lot in my opinion. all of the core guys on this team were from cowher and tomlin barely plays the guys he brought in. i have been saying from the start that we will see how good of a coach tomlin is when cowher's guys retire and/or lebaue leaves. if he still gets to the playoffs after that then he deserves an extension.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TampaSteelGirl View Post
    Pay the man......
    I agree...

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    I say wait until after 2010 before we start throwing money at him, he has 2 years left and I like the guy, I think he knows what he's doing, but lets see how the Steelers come out in 2010 after such a disappointing & embarrassing season. Better unleash somethin' Tomlin lol, just don't say it.

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    Of course it would make the most sense to wait until after this year to renew him. For whatever reason the Rooneys have always renewed it with 2 years left. I think it's more common for teams to do it with 1 year left, my guess is the Rooneys take a lot of pride in sticking behind thier head coachng choice and renewing with 2 years left is thier little wa of showing that. So I doubt this year would be any different.

    I don't think Tomlins head is as big as Cowhers was yet. Last years performance won't help in his negotiations. He'll get a raise as well he should but it won't be what Wiz makes.
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    there is a big difference between tomlin and wheesy, tomlin took over a pretty good team that one the super bowl the previous year. wheesy took over a far underpar cardinal team that blew prior to wheesy's arrival. so all in all wheesy deserves that 6 mill per year. cause he had to rebulid from the ground up. tomlin just continued the winning tradition of pittsburgh football
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