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Thread: Goodbye Sweed?

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    His "Character" issues are pretty well documented. He lost his scholarship to cinci in 06. For not attending class and other non legal issues that were stipulations of his scholarship. BUT, instead of packing up and transferring to another school, like most kids would have done, he lived out of his car and worked 4 jobs to pay back his tuition to stay at cinci. He had offers from 1-AA schools to come and play but wanted to see through his end of the deal at cinci. Not really anything that would make me shy away from drafting him!

    I like the kid for what he can do on the field. His 40 time was to be expected (4.52) and he admitted he needs to work on his starts... but put in a tape and tell me who is catching him from behind? Times and drills can be a bit deceiving. Plus, he didnt ever play WR until 07. He was recruited as a CB/ returner. So he is gonna be a bit raw in his route running on the pro level. But he has skills that cant be taught like vision and elusiveness.

    Really the only thing i dont like about him is that he admittedly wants to be a Bengal cause he loves Cinci... that one hurt a bit Mardy!!!

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    I thought Gilyard had trouble with illegal drugs. I could be wrong though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelerfan11 View Post
    I thought Gilyard had trouble with illegal drugs. I could be wrong though...
    Would be news to me.. not saying he didnt, i just never read that. i look at the man who played '07 '08 and '09. They said he interviewed VERY well with all coaches, he was compared to Rolle i believe with the way he impressed the coaches in the sit downs... that should say something about the man he is today!

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    drugs are not as big a red flag as violent crimes, theft, etc ..ev1 in college parties - the ones that steal and get in fights are the bad ones imo .. gilyard slept in his f^in car for like 6 months .. he is hungry - nobody/nothing will take this opportunity from him ...

    long term i would rather have the bay-bay of Dwayne Bowe and Anqan Boldin .. demaryius thomas ..

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    I can't fathom all the fans that say Sweed has not had a chance . He could have been a game changer , and he was . It just went the other way . This will be what .....his 3rd year now ? He has got to prove it in camp now , as to whether he has what it takes or not ! Otherwise he is going into the books as a bust for our Steeler team . We thought he had vision problems at first . The team corrected that . He still could not focus on the ball. This is his year to break out , or let him loose. Ben wanted a tall and lanky wide out ...he got one and nothing happened. He has got to make his mark this year , or he will be another Todd Blackledge. A simple bust . Another Bubby Brister , a Mark Malone .A real nowhere man . Get the picture ?

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    [QUOTE=steelcitysfinestXL;335269]Let me give you two guys who ran slower 40 times than that... Lynn Swann and Jerry Rice... ask around and see if anyone ever caught those two from behind! (FREE-BEE: Jerry rice has admitted Deion did once!) Too much emphasis is put on these combine drills and times. Taylor Mays is gonna tear the combine apart... should we draft him in the first?!?! Put in tape of Mardy Gillyard and watch him dominate... i'd rather have a guy like him (in the second no less) than a work-out wonder in the first! (I know golden tate is a player but its silly to me how Gillyard is discounted!)

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