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Thread: Steelers Combine watch list

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    Quote Originally Posted by andyg1984 View Post
    big t, what is up with the icon? why did mayock move thomas ahead of berry this weekend?

    not sure about gibson myself ... i still like selvie in rounds 3-4 ... not big on combine stuff, but he did a reasonable amount of reps (24) for his length ..
    I had the Eric Berry icon and stuff up there for a while as my dream pick, but my favorite potential(realistic) pick for the steelers has always been Earl Thomas so I finally changed it...

    Mayocks said his reason for putting Earl Thomas ahead of Berry is that the NFL has become a more passing league where offenses like to spread out a defense, so you need to have a FS with range and instincts...He believes Earl Thomas has the best range out of any safety in the draft and the best instincts on tape hes ever seen in a safety...While I love Earl Thomas, hes not quite on Eric Berry's level....

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    i agree .. berry is the type of dude that only comes around once every several years ..

    thomas is like the opposite of ryan clark in many ways --- and i f^in love it!

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    There were 27 prospects who ran sub 4.5 40's (Official Time)

    Ford was the fastest by a large margin, Taylor Mays was credited with a 4.43.

    Here they are...

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