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Thread: What Would You Prefer

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    What Would You Prefer

    I just wanted to know what the Steelers fans would have preferred more: winning 9 games, missing the playoffs and having mid round draft picks, or winning 6 games and moving up in all the rounds? I've always thought that if you don't make the playoffs then winning 9 or 10 games is worthless. The only time it works in your favor is if you are rebuilding and showing progress. Seeing the Browns win 4 straight to end the year was great, but it ruined our chances to get a stud safety in Eric Berry.

    What would you guys have preferred knowing that there are needs in the offensive line and secondary?
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    Yeah the wins are nice but not making the playoffs sucked. I do wish now that we had lost a few more so we could be higher up in the draft. That is life in the NFL.

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    If we dont make the POs i would rather loose all our games...
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    if its not playoffs give me 2-14 (all i ask for in the NFL is to beat the browns or make the playoffs)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensK View Post
    If we dont make the POs i would rather loose all our games...
    Exactly. At the end of the day if you don't win the superbowl, or even if you do, you have things you need to fix. I'd rather lose all our games and get a #1 draft pick than win 11 of them and have the 9 wins and have the 18th pick.

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    It's easy to say that we would rather lose all our games and get a #1 pick, but I think the fact that we beat some good teams this year gives tremendous hope for next season. If we lost all our games, these forums would be EXPLODING with anger...this year we beat the Chargers, Ravens, Vikings, Broncos, and Packers (all talented teams) and that lets us know that we are still able to compete and win with the best. Losing all our games wouldn't do the same. That's just me though.
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