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    Draft Sleepers

    Ok we've all heard about the big names possibly heading to us in the first two rounds (Bulaga, Taylor Mays, Donovan Warren, Dan Williams, Mike Iupati, Brandon Spikes, etc.), but how about some of you college viewers listing some players you think that will go in the later rounds and would be steals for us.

    Here are a few of mine:

    FS Myron Lewis,Vanderbilt
    Projected Round (2009): 4-5.
    1/9/10: Myron Lewis, a member of the All-SEC Second Team, notched 41 tackles, four interceptions and eight passes broken up.
    3/13/09: Myron Lewis had a dominant season for Vanderbilt, collecting 76 tackles, five sacks, seven TFL, five interceptions and six passes broken up.

    SS Bo McNally, Stanford
    Projected Round: 6-7
    1/14/10: Bo McNally had 83 tackles, 4.5 TFL and four pass deflections as a senior.
    3/13/09: Bo McNally puts up impressive numbers - 76 tackles, four picks, six TFL - but his 40 his going to really hurt him on Draft Day.
    8/6/08: An honorable mention on the All-Pac 10 team, Bo McNally collected an impressive 114 tackles (seven for loss), six pass break-ups and two picks as a sophomore. He started one game as a freshman.

    ILB Pat Angerer, Iowa
    Projected Round: 4-5
    1/8/10: You don't want to mess with a guy who is "more than anger." Projecting as a 4-3 middle linebacker, Pat Angerer garnered a whopping 135 tackles and four TFL in 2009.
    2/19/09: Pat Angerer, a member of the All-Big Ten Second Team, collected 107 tackles, 6.5 TFL, three passes broken up and five intercepions.

    DT Jared Odrick, Penn State
    Projected Round: 3-4
    11/28/09: Jared Odrick has been great this year, racking up 41 tackles, 10 TFL and six sacks. He has first-round talent, but will likely go in Round 2 because of an arrest back in March.
    2/14/09: Rebounding off a season-ending ankle injury in a big way, registering 41 tackles, 9.5 TFL, 4.5 sacks and three passes broken up. He qualified for the All-Big Ten First Team.
    8/1/08: Jared Odrick was a consistent force in Penn State's starting lineup last season until he suffered a season-ending ankle injury. He managed four tackles for loss and two sacks.

    OT Kyle Collaway, Iowa
    Projected Round (2010): 2-3
    1/18/10: Earned an All-Big Ten honorable mention. A solid right tackle prospect whose DUI shouldn't be a concern because he was riding a moped at the time.
    10/24/09: Projects as a very solid right tackle in the NFL, but Kyle Calloway was arrested for drunk driving in September.
    2/9/09: A right tackle at the next level, Kyle Calloway as an All-Big Ten second-teamer.
    7/27/08: Looking to become the next successful Hawkeye to transition to the NFL, Kyle Calloway started every game for Iowa in 2007, alternating between left and right tackle.

    CB Alterraun Verner, UCLA
    Projected Round: 4-5
    1/9/10: An All-America Third Team member, Alterraun Verner collected 71 tackles, five TFL and five interceptions. He also broke up four passes.
    3/7/09: Alterraun Verner had an amazing 18 passes broken up, earning him a spot on the All-Pac 10 Second Team. He also notched 73 tackles, 2.5 TFL and two picks.
    8/5/08: Alterraun Verner started 10 games as a sophomore after just one start in 2006. He had 75 tackles, 15 pass break-ups and four picks last year.

    CB Walter McFadden, Auburn (brother of Bryant Mcfadden)
    Projected Round: 6-7
    1/9/10: Walter McFadden broke up 10 passes as an All-SEC honorable mention.
    5/22/09: Walter McFadden broke up eight passes for the Tigers in 2008. He also picked off two passes, one for a 100 yard return.

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    odrick is projected much higher than 3-4 on most boards .. i have seen very little of him w/ the exception of a few games .. do u think he lasts that long?

    i thought we might be able to grab dexter mccluster in 3-4, but that does not look like it is going to happen ..

    at work, have an extensive list at the house, but off the top of my head ..

    5th - Legarette Blount
    4th- Micah Johnson

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    Myron Rolle - FS Round 3
    At first I was thinking late round project pick but apparently he has looked very good at the Senior Bowl. I'm not even sure we can get him in round 3 but it would be a nice pick if we don't sure this position up round 1.

    LeGarrette Blount - RB Round 4
    This is another guy I was hoping to grab late but again he is looking great at the Senior Bowl this week.

    Dorin Dickerson WR/RB/TE 5 or 6
    Not sure if all of you are in the Burgh or not but he looked impressive at Pitt all year. I like him as a 3rd down conversion machine so we can groom him as the heir to Ward when he retires. He needs some refinement and I think he would be a great project pick late in the draft.

    Joe Webb WR Round 7
    QB in college at UAB but playing WR at the Senior Bowl. Another project guy, but he has a big frame and could learn the position.

    I'd like to see the first 2 come our way and 1 of the last two. The first two could definitely see time this year and Dickerson or Webb could "redshirt" for a year on the practice squad.

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    Being a Boise fan, I was somewhat hoping we would pick up Wilson at some point. After this senior bowl though, I don't think he's going to be much of a sleeper.

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