As a fellow Steelers fan and member of steeleraddicts I hope many of you will have some interest in this.

Show Us Your Mock

Here at NFLDraftSpot we feel confident in our opinions, but we like to hear the opinions of others. We want to know how you see things. We invite all of our readers to "Show us their mock," and post a mock draft in our new Mock Draft Submission sub-forum. This is located on our message board, but you won't need to register for anything. You can simply submit your mock as a guest. Your mock will be viewed by thousands who will be able to comment on your mock draft. You will be able to reply to those comments and also comment on other mock drafts. Though you don't need to register and become a member of our community, we hope you will. We always embrace new members with new views and opinions. To get started, simply follow the link "Submit Your Mock Draft" and submit your mock, in your own format. Once you're in, and ready, click the "start new topic" link. Mocks can be one round, seven rounds, or anything in between. Since this is your mock, feel free to use any format you choose. Also feel free to submit as many mocks as you would like, we know opinions can change often this time of year. You can use immages if you want, and our Prospect Cards are available for use as well as our Prospect User bars. These can be found on the player profile pages. In you need any help, remember our vast resources are just a click away.

Submit Your Mock Draft