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    Pre-Combine Mock Draft

    Pre-combine mock draft

    Its tough to judge value before the combine and workouts, but heres where i am as far as value and likely picks.

    not all picks in concrete decided yet, coin flips and playoffs are still pending

    also, you dont have to agree with me, this pre combine and workouts drafts are pretty premature. some of these picks may seem a little unconventional

    St Louis- Jimmy Clausen

    They need a face of the franchise, I love clausen as a pro but he doesn’t deserve to go over Suh and Berry.

    Detroit- Ndamukong Suh

    Instant difference maker, he and Sammie Lee Hill will be a top interior Dline for years.

    Tampa- Eric Berry

    Tampa has always been about defense, they could use Dline but Gerald Mccoy would be a reach here and Berry is an Elite talent. Barber is old, Talib is a nice CB and Berry/Talib would be nice in the secondary.

    Washington- Gerald Mccoy

    Playing next to haynesworth would be the IDEAL situation for mccoy who is no where near suhs level in any way

    Kansas City- Russell Okung

    Cliché Pick but it makes sense…they passed on some LTs last year for Tyson Jackson, the need to pair him up with branden albert and they will have some studs keeping cassel upright

    Seattle - Anthony Daivs

    They need a Qb but Bradford has no value here. They draft Anthony Davis because Walter Jones is old and dying. Pete got the job but I don’t think hes gonna have much power right away, especially not enough to grab his boy mays.

    Cleveland- Dez Bryant

    Trading away Edwards and leaving them with a bunch of scrubs at WR, they need a playmaker and I think Bryant will be valued here.

    Oakland- Taylor Mays

    I know how Al davis is, everyone does, but I still cant even believe the heyward-bey pick….just unreal. Mays will give Davis all he dreams about.

    Buffalo- Arrelious Benn

    I honestly have no clue where benn is going to be selected, i think workouts could push him into a spot around here. I hate projecting the bills pick more than i do the raiders or patriots

    Jacksonville- Tim Tebow

    Yeah yeah yeah….not worth it, we all know. The jags want to sell tickets and if derrick Harvey and reggie nelson are any idication…they love local heroes. I think this pick is a lock, especially because I don’t think teams will let him slip out of the first round so this is their chance at their boy. Hes a 5th round talent with a legendary resume

    Denver- Rolando Mcclain

    He SHOULD be a jag, but they are idiots and the broncos get a stud LB. Hes perfect for the middle as the still make the transition to a 34

    Miami- Terrence Cody

    They have some great young talent on the dline. Langford, merling, cody….awesome line, perfect 34 line.

    San Francisco- Trent Williams

    They Love that hes here, he can play RT for them right away.

    Seattle- Sam Bradford

    Not crazy about him, but he can play in the seahawks west coast offense. The seahawks have now found their answer to alex smith (lol)

    New York Giants- Brandon Spikes

    Pierce-old, danny clark-old, sintim-stud….spikes can play middle and strong.

    Tennessee- Dan Williams

    As they search for haynesworths replacement they find themselves with dan Williams who can be a disruptor in the middle of a 43 line.

    San Francisco – Joe Haden

    They love to see him here, someone to team up with Nate Clements and give them 2 great corners to match teams like AZ and their passing attack

    Pittsburgh- Earl Thomas

    Clark is likely done, even if hes not, hes a liability in ocverage anyway. Earl Thomas and Polamalu could be legendary. Not the elite prospect berry is, but as close as you can get. Bulaga would make sense but the steelers in in offensive line denial.

    Atlanta- Jason Pierre-Paul

    Perfect for them to put opposite Abraham. Abraham, jerry, bump Anderson to DT and JPP on the end they have a dline that will be a handful.

    Houston- CJ Spiller

    The run game suffered when slaton went down. Hes a part time back anyway and brown, moats and the other guy are nothing more than backups. Spiller will dominate in the zone blocking scheme they run.

    Cincinnati- Golden Tate

    Vertical threat at WR for them which was a problem for them last year, he’ll be able to play right away.

    New England- Colt Mccoy

    Im sayin this pick happens, he sits behind brady for a year and brady walks. Its just my pick, you don’t have to agree with it….i think dunlap is a possibility here as well, but we have to wait on the Julius peppers rumors.

    Green Bay- Bryan Bulaga

    Rodgers got sacked A LOT, and the packers love white guys. Hes a legit LT prospect

    Philadelphia- Mike Iupati

    The shawn Andrews era has ended, hes the best guard prospect since….well, shawn andrews

    Baltimore- Jermaine Greshem

    Heap is old, they want to get flacco some more weapons. Greshem is a terrific pass catching TE.

    Arizona- Sergio Kindle

    Clark Haggans is old and they cant just keep franchising dansby every year

    New York Jets - Damien Williams

    Legit first round talent, Edwards is probably on his way out. Sanchez played with Williams at USC…it makes sense

    Dallas- Corey Wootton

    Not your typical 34 end, but an intriguing player with all the tools to be moved around on the line. Hes the type of DE in a 34 that will bring pressure, which is a rarity but nice to have. Spears and Igor played well but they need some depth on the Dline

    Minnesota- Carlos Dunlap

    They weren’t scared away from percy harvin….this gives them a legit end opposite Allen.

    San Diego- Bruce Campbell

    He didn’t have a great year but hes an incredibly gifted athlete and with some coaching could be a difference maker in both the run and pass game

    Indianapolis- Sean Witherspoon.

    Linebacker is definitely the biggest weakness, especially on the weak side, witherspoon is perfect for that spot and will be a tackling machine

    New Orleans- Jonathan Dwyer

    They are pissed the colts took witherspoon, rumor is the coveted beanie wells last year and dwyer will give them a tough, inside, physical runner that they want. Bush is likely gone so depth is a concern
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