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Thread: The Debacle Known as 2006

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    The Debacle Known as 2006

    One word -- embarassment.

    From the players to the coaching game plan and adjustments (or lack thereof) today was about an uninspired and unthoughtful 4 quarters of football that I've seen in quite a while, but what the **** else is new, right?.

    How and why Kevin Spencer still has a job is beyond me -- even when the defense managed a decent series, the STs found a way to **** it up with ****** punts, dumb penalties and again fumbles and poor decisions.

    Bill Cowher really needs to announce his intentions to retire, or resign immediately -- he (IMHO) is the source of the malaise. It is obvious he has no control over this team, his game plans are insanely poor and he has no fire on the sideline.

    Basically not 1 player had a good first half. I will say that Polamalu played with some passion and MCFadden despite mistakes made tackles and played inspired -- why he is consitenyl tackling Lewis just off the line and not the LBs is beyond me. Fat Casey also seems to give a ****. Porter, Haggans, Foote, Farrior, Keisel, Smith, Clark and Townsend appear to not give a ****. DeShea sucks!

    On offense the bottom line was no blocking and a complte lack of creativity from Whisenhunt. Ben did not play so well, but he had pressure like he's probably never seen before, but missing that 3rd down to an open Wilson hurt.

    All year I have been amazed that every game starts the same way ... no creativity, no focus, no heart and no discipline. Like a fool, I thought they would come out to have a war with Baltimore and attempt to regain some level of pride -- but they didnt. They were not just beat -- they sucked and the majority seemed not to really care.

    I was a BC basher but applaude the Super Bowl and got off his case ... and even when I was riding his *** I did recognize the winning record, his fire, and his ability to motivate a team. I am completely disgusted with his effort this year and I think the more games we all watch the more it becomes apparent that he -- more than anyone -- has mailed this season in. He's turned into a Monday morning check casher.

    But, will I bail? .... Hell no I won't, I'm a lifer ..... "Go Steelers!" -- here is to hoping they make some necessary changes ...

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    House of Steel
    Good POST!!!

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    But, will I bail? .... Hell no I won't, I'm a lifer ..... "Go Steelers!"
    That's what we all have to hang onto right now !

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    House of Steel
    AMEN!!!! Same here, 22 years and counting, I will never leave the Steelers.

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    You have a lot of good points ICS, especially the uncreative part!! We always know what the Steelers are going to do when they start the game and there are never any surprises... unless Cowher wants to start things off with an onside kick!

    They need to think outside the box a little more and have some fun with it! Football is no fun when it is as scripted as the Steelers !!!!

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    Excellent Post, I am with you all the way!

    <But, will I bail? .... Hell no I won't, I'm a lifer ..... "Go Steelers!" -- here is to hoping they make some necessary changes ...>

    Excellent Post, I am with you all the way!
    Peace & Yours in Black 'N Gold,


    Many thanks to BR7 (Ron) for the sig and matching avatar

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