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Thread: jersey help

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    jersey help

    walking into the ravens game, i saw one of the outside vendors selling yellow jerseys. i thought they looked cool and knew i'd be one of the few here in nc to have one. i decided i'd just get on online when i got back home because i didn't want to keep up with it during the game.
    all i can find online are womens yellow jerseys and they look different from the ones i saw. were those womens jerseys? does anyone know where i can find a yellow mens xxl jersey online. i googled yellow steelers jersey and that shows the alternate black jersey with yellow numbers.
    also i'd like to find an xxl white six time super bowl champion jersey. the places i've found online only have smaller sizes.
    thanks for the help!
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    Not sure about the yellow jersey, but I get all my jerseys from

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    I may be wrong, but i believe that all teams have 3 jerseys (other than throwback editions, which they may play with for 2 games a year): A home jersey, an away jersey and then a third jersey too. I believe that the Steelers third jersey is yellow. Im not sure when they were to use it, or anything like that, but i THINK thats what it is. I could be mistaken though.
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    Probably a dumb suggestion, but did you try googling gold Steelers jersey?

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