Ok, yeah I know we won and I'm as happy as any Steeler fan right now. We went out with a win and did our part. Having said that, the red zone play calling was horrific, the 2nd half play calling terrible in general, we went right back into our shell and did our best to basically hand them the ball on downs for all but the last 5 minutes of the game.

How many times in the redzone do you have to try to run up the middle or throw a quick pass in a crowded flat area before you realize it's not going to work. Use your WR's, spread em out, atleast make them think you're going to do something different. The worst thing you can be is predictable and in the 2nd half that's what we are. It's enough to make you need blood pressure medication just watching these guys try and execute in the 2nd half, especially in the redzone.

Get us an OC that will take this offense by the reigns and actually do something besides fall apart late in the game. There's no killer instinct, not even alittle bit.

Again, I know Ben has 4000+ yds passing, Mendy has over 1000 yds rushing and all that but in the face of that success our inability to be consistent cannot be overlooked.