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Thread: Wallace continues to make splash plays; WR's in good hands

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    Quote Originally Posted by No l Gravity l View Post
    You guys still exist?

    You're almost like delusional Redskins fans that think Jason Campbell would be a good QB if he had a decent o-line.
    Listen, did you ever see Sweed play in college, he was the man. His problem isnt running routes, or just being lost out there, the problem is with concentration and his hands. A problem he didnt have at Texas. Therefore, yes it makes sense that he will overcome those problems and become a good WR for us. And you arent always right either, now that Woodley has 12 sacks and came up big yesterday, where is you Woodley nickname. I dont blast you for saying your crap, dont be a jerk about mine.

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    The Steelers will not give up on Sweed, he's been on the team for 2 years now and yeah he's struggled but you don't give up on a 2nd round pick (who could have easily been a 1st round pick) that quick. He's got a lot of work today, he's got natural talent but he just doesn't seem to stay focused out on the field. He runs the wrong routes, doesn't look the ball into his hands, and just generally needs to get his head out of his ***.

    He'll have his chance to make a contribution on this team but with Wallace coming on strong this year, he's going to have an uphill battle. You can't have enough good WR's on a team these days.

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    I just hope Sweed doesn't turn out to be another Lee Mays and hang around for 8 years and do nothing.

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    I really don't see a pressing need for him to pan out anyway. Wallace is doing just fine. I mean are any of you guys seriously going to trust Sweed replacing Ward in the future?

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    Sweed won't be back!

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    Oh yes he will. He will be back for at least another year, probably two, because thats when hes contract is up. As of right now, he has NO trade value what so ever, and he does not really cost anything on our salery, so he will be back, no doubt about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    Sweed won't be back!
    Sweed, Redman, Summers, Gay, Lewis, Bennett will be back...

    they may be our future players, their not part of our problem this year...

    they need time, they may bomb later but they should get another year or two.

    Mason dropped a beauty... this week. i bet he plays next week. i loved that play.

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