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Thread: Spreading the GOSPEL: Steelers vs. Ravens Breakdown

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    Spreading the GOSPEL: Steelers vs. Ravens Breakdown

    The Ravens…In Baltimore; The Steelers Offense must win this game. We will get to that.

    Ravens with the Ball.

    The Ravens will pound Jamal Lewis to pull teams out of Cover 2. Lewis is running hard this year the Steelers must stop the run with 7 and at times with 8(rarely). Steve Mcnair is mobile, Steve Mcnair can still chuck it, BUT Steve Mcnair still reads the field from Deep to short in Route progressions. In other words he will hold onto the ball and take shots to make plays vertically. Todd Heap is unique, he can and will run block; Heap is elite in the passing game. The Ravens Recs are tiny; The Steelers corners are just as athletic. Steelers Db’s can’t play like bitches this Sunday


    Ogden on Kiesel in the run game. Everyone expects Kiesel to be dominated, I don’t. Kiesel won’t be caved, Ok I am lying. Kiesel is going to get his *** kicked in the run game. This is going to be ugly. Ogden is having a bounce back season because he’s finally healthy. Huge Advantage Ravens

    Porter on Ogden in Pass Pro. I expect Porter to be stymied for the most part, until a late 4th qtr sack changes the game. Ogden is the best LT in the Nfl. The end

    Jason Brown on Hampton and Foote- Jason Brown has been a very pleasant surprise for the Ravens. Brown was a fantastic center in college, played at UNC lasted until the second day of the draft because of Height and knee injuries. Brown is a mauler in the run game. When the Steelers **** Hampton to the play side I believe Brown will be able to move and seal Hampton, that’s a recipe for disaster for the Steelers. Brown is devastating on downblocks, as good as I have seen this season. This is your Key matchup of the game. Can the Ravens Guards down block and dominate Hampton when he’s cocked to the play side... (Meaning lined up to the side where the ball is being run)

    Brown on Kiesel in Pass Pro- This should be a big advantage for the Steelers. Brown is short and Short limbed, also has heavy feet and poor balance in pass pro. Kiesel should make some noise rushing the passer Vs. Brown.

    Mike Flynn on Hampton and the weak side linebackers- Flynn is decent, he will need help with Hampton, I explained the down block scenario when Hampton is cocked to one side of the defense, for that to be effective Flynn has to block the weak side inside linebacker (linebacker away from the play)..Flynn is a big sloth no way he can block Farrior, that’s the good news, the bad news Larry Foote is a dumb turd and he will be blocked. The Ravens run a unique blocking scheme vs. the 3-4; they have had success against the Steelers running the ball...Chester Taylor anyone?

    Vinnie (Who will play) on Hampton and Farrior- Vinnie was my man as a Steeler. One reason he tried to kill everything in the run game. He’s not real mobile or athletic; his skills lay within 3 yards off the line of scrimmage. I have ZERO doubts Keydrick Vincent can blow Hampton off the Line of scrimmage when he’s cocked. Downblocks are such huge advantage to the Oline.

    Vinnie on Smith in Pass Pro- Huge advantage Steelers. Vincent is awful in pass pro, always has been.

    Tony Pashos on Aaron Smith in the run game- This will be a war. Pashos is a fat tub of crap but if he locks on; he engulfs whatever is in front of him. Smith needs to play every down hard. Steelers will need to wave in Dlinemen and get solid performances.

    Pashos on Haggans in pass pro- Another big advantage for the Steelers. Pashos is a lot like Langston Walker of the Raiders. The end

    Todd Heap in the run game- If he blocks the Steelers Olb’s consistently the Steelers are in huge trouble. Heap’s mentality is that of a big slot Wr, but he shows heart run blocking, Heap is not a natural blocker, he doesn’t want to stick his nose in there. Porter and Haggans need to punch him in the mouth.

    2nd Te Daniel Wilcox is dinged. I don’t expect him to play, that’s a huge loss for the Ravens.

    Todd Heap in the passing game. He needs to be cracked at the Line of scrimmage, Heap is a long strider, and if you interrupt his timing he takes a lot of time to get back into the route. From there punish him when he touches the ball. Clark and Troy need to patrol the deep half with bad intent.

    Ravens Wrs on Steelers Dbs. Ravens Wr’s are small and quick. Mason is a stud he plays hard, and damn he runs great routes. The Steelers corners need to locate the ball and play with some confidence in the scheme. Mark Clayton and Fad could be fun to watch. Fad beat the **** out of Clayton at the Sr. Bowl. Hopefully the Steelers staff allow Ike and Fad to play some press and allow there athletic ability to take over. Demetrius Williams is a Rookie Wr who is really coming on, He’s a big target with deceptive speed.

    The Ravens roll 2 fullbacks at teams. Both have similar skill sets. Block and catch the ball and both do there jobs well. Steelers Olb’s have been solid in coverage this season; I have no fears in the passing game. Run game is a different story, there big boys who can destroy inside linebackers.

    Jamal Lewis- He doesn’t run a 4.4 anymore. He is far from dead and he is still fast enough to break a team’s heart. Lewis is 240 and runs hard, he has the ability to cut in and out of hole and he can break tackles. The Steelers must eliminate Lewis from the game.

    Steve Mcnair- I already gave my thoughts. He is good, not great.

    Side notes

    Stop the Run Game. Dline must dominate. Kiesel Hampton and Smith must play there best games of the year. No Oline the Steelers have faced has been as physical as the Ravens this year. This will be a huge test.

    Farrior and Foote must slip blocks and make plays at the Line of scrimmage

    Haggans must excel rushing the passer

    The Db’s have to make plays on the ball.

    Get off the field on 3rd down

    Force turnovers and tempo.

    The Steelers with the ball.

    The Ravens have speed and size in there defensive front 7. This is the best front 7 the Steelers have faced this year. The Ravens have a fantastic starting defensive back field. On paper the Ravens defense should annihilate the Steelers offense. I think the Steelers shove the ****ing ball down the Ravens throat.


    Marvel Smith Terell Suggs- Suggs is thought to be very good. Smith can make a statement for a pro bowl bid in this game. Smith should dominate Suggs in the run game. Suggs could give Smith major issues in pass pro. Suggs has been the invisible man for the Ravens defense this year. Both Ravens Olb’s have more sacks then Suggs that’s not too good in a 4-3. Smith needs to jump on Suggs and punish him all game long. Smith plays great some games, awful in others. Advantage Slight to the Steelers.

    Ngata on Faneca- Ngata has been a disappointment for the Ravens. He doesn’t hold blockers well and he will get moved, Faneca needs to bring his “A” game run blocking. I think the Steelers can get movement on both D tackles with guards, which allows Hartings to get to the second level.

    Hartings on Ray Ray and the weak side Olb- If Faneca and Simmons can get there jobs done, Hartings gets to the second level on backers. There is a reason Hartings has made consecutive pro bowls, he kills everything at the second level. Ray Lewis and Thomas are dinged, Hartings should be able to reach and block either …This leaves Parker on the SS...If Parker makes Reed miss…It’s off to the Races.

    Simmons on Kelly Gregg- Simmons does very well vs.Gregg. Simmons actually has a height and length advantage and gets movement…That is not a typo or a joke like before. Simmons must play very good this week. He must have success.

    Max Starks on Trevor Pryce- Oh this was ugly last year. Starks mauled mugged raped Pryce last year. He must do the same this year. Pryce is the best Def end vs. the run in the NFL, Starks is very under rated run blocking. This will be a key matchup across the Front 7. Starks needs to cave Pryce.

    Miller and Tuman on Thomas and Scott- the Ravens Olb’s are both very good. Thomas is always dinged; he will start but he won’t finish the 1st qtr. I have a feeling Miller really shows up this week in the run game. Miller has been embarrassing in the run game this year, if the Steelers expect to win out; Miller needs to become the blocking force he was in 2005. Bart Scott has really cooled off; he started the season like gang busters and his production has declined steadily. The Ravens ran a ton of 46 in the beginning of the season there pass coverage didn’t hold up and injuries made them take less chances. Ravens are getting healthier and I expect to see some 46 looks throughout the game. Tuman has shown something blocking, he’s not great he just get his man blocked.

    Miller in the pass game- He will be locked one on one with backers throughout the game. I expect Miller to be huge in the passing game, if the Ravens can cover Miller one on one with backers he is a major bust…A bust like Stephens or Edwards.

    Steelers Wrs on Ravens Dbs- Ravens starting corners are very good (Rolle and Samuel L); both have lost 2 steps, I have no fear of either, BUT The Steelers Wr’s must play way better. Holmes on a go route early would be a great way to start. Ward will take the needle and play. Wilson sucks, he should be the 4th Wr I would give Washington Wilson snaps The Steelers Wr’s must make plays for BEN. Ed Reed is dinged; he still is very good vs. the pass he really wants no part of the run game. Dwan Landry is a rookie who won’t be tricked. He is a lot like Darren Perry. Slow and solid… rarely out of position.

    Willie and Dookie- Willie is a top 5 NFL back. No back scares a D coordinator more. Parker needs to run with his eyes and protect the ball better, other then that he’s great. Dookie will play which is a good thing. Dookie needs to make a difference when he is in the game. He needs to be on top of blitz pickup, he needs to run with anger and punish the defenders. The Steelers may run the ball 40 times they can’t fumble

    Krieder- Be the Hammer

    Ben- Be the messiah.


    Oline must dominate and PROTECT BEN

    No turnovers

    Control Tempo and pace

    No dumb penalties

    Wrs must make plays

    Miller must dominate

    Special Teams

    The Steelers suck. The Ravens are very good.


    A hard hitting nasty war.

    The Gospel courtesy of FC, the man, the myth, the legend ...

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    Good looking out but whatever it saids the Steelers still need to win
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    Nice job!!!

    are you trying to steal my thunder or something?

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    except for some of the lingo tht was great
    great job

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    Very well written ICS. Thanks for sharing that. You made some great points on key matchups.

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    I think the biggest keys are that we absolutely CANNOT afford turnovers, and Ike Taylor really better step up and have a great game. I think with his recent performances, the Ravens are probably going to go after him all game.

    Also, what do you guys think? Should we have a Ravens karma thread, or would it just be too revolting to say good things about the ratbirds?
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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    i think we should make willie parker eat lots and lots of cake so we have a power running game

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    Good stuff... looks like someone is giving TG a run for his money this week

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelerFan87 View Post
    I think the biggest keys are that we absolutely CANNOT afford turnovers, and Ike Taylor really better step up and have a great game. I think with his recent performances, the Ravens are probably going to go after him all game.

    Also, what do you guys think? Should we have a Ravens karma thread, or would it just be too revolting to say good things about the ratbirds?

    If I was the ratbirds I'd go after Ike too, so he's definately going to have to step up his game or Mason is going to have a field day. I'd almost be tempted to let McFadden go more 1on1 and give Ike some help back there till we see how the game unfolds.

    If you all want to do a ratbird karma thread go for it, but there's way I'll ever bring myself to say anything good about them !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TOP GUN View Post
    If I was the ratbirds I'd go after Ike too, so he's definately going to have to step up his game or Mason is going to have a field day.

    But what if Mason suffers a concussion or tears a ligament?

    I'm blind, I'm deaf, I wanna be a ref! Get on your knees ref your blowing the game!

    Big thank you to pa state Daryl Metcalfe. For doing the right thing.

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    goo job

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