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Thread: Heath Miller

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    Heath Miller

    What has happened to Heath Miller? This guy used to be dependable. Seems like he is always getting called for holding and he seems to be dropping alot of passes anymore?
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    Heath is the MAN. yes there have been some drops of late and the infamous tip drill INT in KC, but all in all, he is the best Steelers TE I've seen in 30 years.

    There is an old saying:

    "Don't judge someone by their last at bat, but their batting average".

    More often than not, Heath has bailed out Ben and the offense and my confidence in him has not been shaken in any way shape or form. Not even the best fo the best catch everything thrown their way.

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    Heath is a rock man, whenever Ben tosses it his way the dude comes down with it most of the time. Yeah he's been flagged for holding some lately but so has everyone else; with the team struggling everybody presses even harder and more mistakes happen.

    I'll take Heath any day on this team over most TE's in the league, no question, perhaps all of them.

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    Im not worried about the recent drops or lack of production from Heath Miller. This guy has been a vital part of the Steelers winning 2 Championships in 2005 and 2008. He has made clutch catches and been nothing but professional ever since he has been a Steeler. When do you ever hear a peep about Heath Miller?? Hardly never. It's just one of those cases and years for the Steelers that when it rains it pours and everything that can go wrong has gone wrong for this team especially over the last month. And that includes even a sure handed guy like Heath Miller dropping passes that 99 times out of 100 he would catch. While Heath Miller has had some big drops and not played well through the course of this 5 game losing streak he is probably at or near the bottom of the list of problems and things that are wrong with this Steelers team...

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    He'll be fine....he's a top 5 tight end, I'll give him a few drops

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    No issues with Heath here! As far as holding goes, when your blocking the guy that our tackles should be, he is doing the best that he can. If he had some help, maybe we could use him as the stud TE that he is. The more he has to block, we arent getting our moneys worth, shame on the OL>

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    Yeah Miller is a rock. He never bitches and he does a good job. It is football and mistakes will be made. I wouldn't be surprised to see him in the pro bowl.

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    Hes had quite a few drops last few games... im more concered with our defense's lack of producing TO's
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    Gotta relax a little... There's nothing wrong with Heath. The WHOLE team is playing bad and there is a lack of confidence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clevelandsux View Post
    What has happened to Heath Miller? This guy used to be dependable. Seems like he is always getting called for holding and he seems to be dropping alot of passes anymore?
    Play Calling......

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