When we were still in the thick of things I was hoping to beat the undefeated Saints in the Super Bowl. The dream is over,so I think it would be fun to watch two undefeated team go at it for the Lombardi.

Childish i know, but i hope the Patroits crash and burn right along with us.

Would you like to see the Bengals go all the way and keep the Lombardi in the AFCN ?

I hope to see a lot of our younger players on the field showing what they have to offer, it would be nice to know if any of our DB's can challenge for a starting job next year. Starting a few games would show how far they have to go.

I hope the talk of a coaching shake up is more than just talk. Tomlin has to admit the staff he hired is failing.
Arians has to go,there's simply to much talent of offense and to little production.
Larry Zierlein has to go,our O'line are maulers not zone blockers .
Ray Horton, Gone look at our DB's enough said.
Bob Ligashesky, Gone our ST's are a laughing stock .
Randy Fichtner I keep his only flaw is the development of Sweed

Dick LeBeau, I keep Dick if he wants to stay,but he don't get a pass. He's working with a serious lack of talent but that don't excuse the lack of adjustments or explain why the defense are getting their signals crossed.

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