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Thread: Boiled Chicken Pot Pie

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    Boiled Chicken Pot Pie

    From the kitchen of Woodsonsgirl.....

    3 large cans chicken broth
    1 lb split chicken breasts
    2 lbs. potatoes
    1 1/2 bag pot pie squares or bows

    Place chicken in a pot and add enough water just to cover chicken. Cook chicken until done. Pull apart when chicken is cooked thoroughly. While chicken is cooking I cube potatoes. In large stock pot I add chicken broth, chicken, potatoes and cook over med-high until broth begins to boil. I then add pot pie, salt, pepper and parsley to taste. Stir frequently so pot pie doesn't stick to bottom of pot. When pot pie is soft, turn stove to warm or low setting.

    Okay.. since there seems to be some difficulty in understanding my directions I will now attempt to 'simplify' for those who need assistance. *coughGalcoughNOVAcough* Excuse me, sorry.

    Step Number 1 - Put the Freakin' Chicken in a damn pot.
    Step Number 2 - Pour some Freakin water over the Freakin' Chicken. Just enough to cover it's nostrils.
    Step Number 2a - Turn the stove on.
    Step Number 3 - Cook the Freakin' Chicken until it's done. Approx 1/2 hour or so.
    Step Number 4 - When Freakin' Chicken is cooked allow to cool and pull the bird apart into bite size pieces. Do not dispose of water/broth used to cook Freakin' Chicken.
    Step Number 4a - Put those bite size pieces from step 4 aside for now.
    Step Number 5 - Peel and Cube the Potatoes.
    Step Number 6 - In large pot empty the cans of Freakin' Chicken Broth along with the broth that you cooked the original Freakin' Chicken in.
    Step Number 7 - Add Cubed Potatoes
    Step Number 8 - Add bite size pieces of Freakin' Chicken from step 4a
    Step Number 9 - Turn on the damn stove again
    Step Number 10 - Cook on Med High heat until broth begins to boil
    Step Number 11 - After broth boils add Pot Pie Noodles or Pot Pie Bows (can be found at your local supermarket.)
    Step Number 12 - Add Salt, Pepper & Parsley to your own taste
    Step Number 13 - When the noodles are soft DIG IN!!!

    Here's a link to what the end result looks like. This pic is shown using carrots and celery also... which you may if you like.
    Picture of Chicken Pot Pie
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