I shouldn't post while intoxicated but I'll look at this tomorrow and shake my head:

QB Top 8 He makes to many bad decisions to be top 3 or 4 Keep Ben and Dixon bye Batch
RB Top 5 Keep Mendy and Moore Bye Parker
Wr Top 5 Keep them all but I think Holmes takes the money and runs
Te Top 5 Keep Miller & Johnson cut Spaeth its a shame Spaeth is a good receiver but we use him to block
O'Line somewhere between 20th and 32nd. On the line the only player I keep are Colon and Starks and they're only slightly above avarage the rest are incompetent

D'Line Middle of the pack. We miss Smith but you have to ask how many more games does he have. Hampton is great but same as above. Kiesel in good and a keeper. Hood is a long way from helping this team and eason is good as a role player.

LB's Second tier in the league. Harrison is an animal that get held most every play and never has it called. Woodley is good but this year has been a disappointment. Timmons can't tackle to save his life and his big plays ( 6 sacks) 4 have been on plays were he was untouched and the only reason he is starting is he was Tomlins first pick and Foote asked to be traded. Farrior has lost a step or two and needs replaced.

DB's Ike above average ( when the safety plays the run instead of his assignment you don't put it all on the cornor) Gay shouldn't even be allowed in the stadium Clark fall a little more each week the rest don't even make it as backups Troy I keep even though he's no help on the bench.

Head Coach: I can't make a decision until the off season, in this organization no body get fired in midseason. if heads don't roll after the season them Tomlins' should.

OC : Too much talent not enough points Fired
DC : This is a tough call as I love D.L. working with a lack of talent,but his play calling leaves me scratching my head. undecided

S.T : Look at the mans record fire him now.Everyone got thier wish and Madison is back ,result no improvement we're his fourth team the season for a reason. We fire average players and replaces them with castoffs.

Logan has to go 1 good kick return in how many attempts ? As a punt returner he's a total failure.