Holy hell, do you think Snyder would be F'ed up enough to pay Cowher this type of JACK? .... I don't put much stock into PFT, but let's be honest ... Snyder was been known to make pie in the sky deals like this in the past. Cowher would be a fool to turn this kind of gravy down knowing he's at a point in his career where he wants to pad his pocketbook a little before retirement. There's no way Rooney even comes close to this .... or wants to.

Porter says Cowher will coach the Steelers next season
By Mike Bires - Times Sports Staff

PITTSBURGH - Linebacker Joey Porter said Wednesday that he expects Bill Cowher to be back coaching the Steelers next year and beyond.

Porter was asked about Cowher's status because of the uncertainly of Cowher's future. There have been rumors running rampant about where Cowher may end up if he decides to leave the Steelers after this season or next.

Cowher's current contract runs through the 2007 season. But even Cowher himself admitted before the '06 season started that he's "taking it year to year."

"I can't see him doing anything differently," Porter said. "If he's coaching football, it has to be here."

The latest Cowher rumor making the rounds comes courtesy of an Internet web site - Pro Football Talk - that speculates Cowher could wind up coaching the Washington Redskins as early as next year. That rumor suggests that Redskins owner Daniel Snyder would be willing to pay Cowher between $8-10 million a year. Cowher reportedly makes close to $4 million per year with the Steelers.

Last week, there were rumors circulating in Cleveland that Browns owner Randolph Lerner might try to woo Cowher into coaching his team. And because Cowher purchased a $2.5 million luxury home in Raleigh, N.C., earlier this year, there's speculation that he might coach at North Carolina State University, his alma mater.

Negotiations between Cowher's agent and the Steelers regarding a contract extension broke off this summer, prompting team president Art Rooney II to announce that further talks would wait until after this season.