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Thread: If the problem in the secondary wasn't clear enough should be now

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    I dont know. Does Troy make this secondary that much better or are we just that bad this year? Pretty insane how the secondary plays with Troy in there.

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    Ike's blown coverage

    Ike was horrible on the TD bomb. After totally getting turned around he made a very weak so called tackle attempt. Bad thing was I wanted us to blitz and play man and then Ike got totally burnt inside out. The on the last drive he couldn't even bat the ball down right? Pitiful, pitiful, pitiful....Bad thing is they can't even catch it when they throw it right to them?

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    I think Troy does cover the weaknesses in the secondary. Ironically in 2008 and 2005 he played all games. He was started 11 in 2007 and 13 in 2006.

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    I don't understand why Joe Burnett and Keenan Lewis haven't been given an opportunity to spell William Gay. I saw quite a bit of both of them in college and I'm high on their potential. Given Joe Burnett's shakey preseason, I suspect the Steelers believe in him too because he made the roster. It would be hard to do any worse.

    Stats prior to todays game...

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelersbabex25 View Post
    If we win out and end up 10-6, there's a possibility of us getting a wildcard, depending on how the other teams do, of course.
    You know what, right now I really don't want this team to make the playoffs. The playoffs are for teams that beat the people they are clearly better than. The playoffs are for teams that execute on both sides of the ball for 60 freakin minutes. That doesn't sound like the Steelers right now. And can somebody PLEASE teach our DBs how to catch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Of the next 4 games Cleveland might be our only win. Seriously! We could be looking at a 7-9 season. Pity, because we are a better team than that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darnik44 View Post
    WOW look at the YAC!
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    The title says it's very clear.
    "When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself."
    -Wayne Dyer

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelersbabex25 View Post
    It's become pretty clear to me that the secondary (and a few horrible calls by the refs) is the biggest hole in this team. It's not just William Gay anymore. Ike Taylor missed a lot of coverage, Tyron Carter was having a lot of problems, and Mundy? Bennett? I've never even heard their names before. It'll be great to have Polamalu back..whenever he does get back..but we'll definitely still have problems winning if the secondary isn't fixed.

    p.s. I'm also about to send William Gay some new cletes. Maybe it would be easier for him to cover people standing up instead of being on the ground.
    Definately!!! While i'm sorry to year about Gays' concussion he obviously needed some serious help standing up which killed us several times...Where the f*ck was Carter when Oakland (dont know receivers name) went in for the TD with the help of Ike pushing him in..Ike clearly need help back there...where were the safeties???? Burnett almost and should have had that INT....Sad part is they cant' put that kind of pressure on Troy..not fair, Farrior stated he was sick of comments made about the Defense not being able to play without Troy....uuhhh isn't it crystal clear now?!?!

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    This Steelers secondary is starting to bring back BAD memories of Chad Scott and Dewayne Washington.

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