Ok SA friends I have officially exahusted my wife's and my menu options for this season. We usually try to stick with traditional Pittsburgh style food for games but these 1pm games are a killer on the menu. I'm literally just putting down my coffee mug and it is time to pick up the beer for the game and preparing food for the guys is a pain in the *** that early. Plus the wife feels like she has to cook and doesn't get to see the game.

I do have several fresh sticks of the Jimmy and Nino's peperoni from the Strip District thanks to my parents who brought them to me at Thanksgiving so I'm thinking of putting that out with cheese and crackers and some black and gold nacho chips and salsa for this week.

If you guys can think of anything traditional Pittsburgh please pass it along. I have checked out most of the recipes on this thread but I'm looking for something new or different.

75 Steeler