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Thread: There is no quit in Roethlisberger

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prosdo View Post
    I love Ben's attitude. He is not one of those QB's who place blame elsewhere.
    You mean like these brilliant words by peyton manning after the AFC divisional playoff loss.

    "Lets just say we had some protection problems"
    Ben would die before he'd call out the offensive line like that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    Its a nice article but should we really praise an pro athlete for not quiting during a game. Just a thought.

    As for the no-huddle offense. I agree and think the Steelers should run it more often.
    When you look at all the TO's and everybody else who follows suit in some form or fashion I think it's good to see athletes taking pride in their craft and carrying the never say die attitude. An ordinary person could have packed this season in a long time ago but to Ben's credit, through all this struggles, he's kept a positive attitude and here recently he's responded just alittle bit better every week.

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