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Thread: A first ever in NFL history ocurred this past Sunday!

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    Exclamation A first ever in NFL history ocurred this past Sunday!

    This past Sunday the Chargers pulled off an accomplishment that had never been done in the NFL... ever!!! There have been over 12,800 games played in the NFL since its inception and what makes the accomplishment that much better is the Chargers pulled it off on the road!

    No team in NFL history had ever come from 17+ points down in consecutive weeks to win both games... until this past Sunday when the Charges came from behind again to beat the Broncos, the week before they cam from behind to beat the Bengals on the road as well! Truly amazing, and congrats to the Chargers!!!!

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    And they did it against two pretty good teams. Impressive!

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    Isn't one of their starting WR off because of trouble with the law? Seems like I read something on that when I was doing my fantasy stuff this week.

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