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Thread: Predict Tomlins Comments...

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    Let me start this by saying our kick coverage once again was below the line. So you might as well prepare for the worst and hope
    for the best each week in this regard-thats the reality of it!
    Next would be the suspect play calling. Well the grim reality of it is that we will never win style points with bruce. His play calling exposes ourself to potentially losing every week, which ultimately
    was what happened. He has a nice resume in that regard. So we will put this L with the rest of them, head back to the lab and prepare for the next challenge. Maybe by then bruce will have his head out of his *** and return our offense to championship calibur.
    Troy will not play next week, carter will. We accept that and will not use that as an excuse. The standard does not change in that regard, it is what it is. Such is life in the nfl.
    In closing i would like to say that with an idiot calling our plays it is unlikely we will consistantly play winning football. One day i will have to acknowledge that and have to take full responsibility for it. Please don't hit the panic button just yet. With each terrible play called our players will not blink, they will show their mettle.
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