Alot of Ravens fans I know and talk too online are really and I mean really taking this game for granted this week against the Steelers. They think this is going to be an easy win based on the fact that we barely beat Cleveland and we keep turning the ball over every week and Ben leading the league in interceptions and stuff. They assume this is going to be an easy win because Baltimore fans think this is their year and they compare it to the 2000 season where they won the Super Bowl saying that the magic is back this year just like that year. Well I got news for all the Ravens fans this team is not as good as the Ravens team in 2000 that won the Super Bowl.

Ive watched every Ravens game this year and they have been winning all these close games not because their a really good team, alot of it I think is just pure luck and fluky. This Ravens team can be had and if this Ravens team and their fans think that just cause the Steelers are having an off year and are not playing the same kind of football that this game Sunday in Baltimore is going to be a walk in the park their gonna be in for a rude awakening come Sunday. Keep in mind Ravens fans you guys barely beat the Browns and the Titans on the road this year. They beat them both by 1 point and had to do it in the closing seconds. They beat the Chargers because the Chargers missed a couple fg's and a fluky safety play in the end zone with 2 mins left that gave the Ravens the ball in good field position to drive and win the game in the last minute. Basically they are winning games because of Steve McNair he is the sole reason that team now is 8-2 period. Its not their awesome overrated D its McNair period. My point is the Steelers need to come out this week and take it too the Ravens early in this game. This is not a game I think where the Steelers can come out and can afford to get behind early. If Im the Steelers I come out and go no huddle and spread it 4 wides to start the game and try to get up on the Ravens 10-0 14-0 early and put the pressure on McNair all game to make plays and win. They absolutely cannot turn the ball over this week either. Do not give this Ravens offense which I still isnt very good I dont think a short field to score on. Make McNair and the offense drive everytime they have the ball and earn their points. Special teams will also be a key in this game too. We MUST not give up no big returns in this game or it could spell disaster.

The bottom line is if the Steelers do win this game this week I think its really gonna be a huge lift for this team and I really believe that the Ravens will lose to the Bengals and Chiefs the next two weeks on the road and the Steelers will beat Tampa and Browns here the same weeks which would put the Steelers 1 game behind Baltimore with one game still to go here on Christmas Eve. Im telling you this Ravens team is not that good, and if the Steelers come out and dont turn the ball over get up on them in this game early and keep the pressure on they will definitely come out of Baltimore with a win. Either way this is going to be one hell of a battle and I expect it to come down to the last minutes if not go to OT. But if the Ravens and their fans think this is going to be a cakewalk their sadly mistaken. The Ravens have an opportunity to knock the Steelers out once and for all this weekend they had better do it or else this division is once again going to be ours for the taking.