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Thread: Can the Steelers still make it to the Super Bowl if they dont win the AFC North...

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    Can the Steelers still make it to the Super Bowl if they dont win the AFC North...

    And are a wildcard team and either the 5th or 6th seed in the AFC?? Now I know people are going to say yes and base a lot of it on the fact that the Steelers did it in 2005 as the 6th seed,and the Giants did it two years later in 2007 as the 5 seed. But other then those 2 teams in the history of the National Football League no other teams have done it. Now I know the Raiders of 1980,the Broncos of 1997 and the Ravens of 2000 did it as wildcard's as well but they at least got to play one game of the 3 they won in the AFC playoffs at home.

    The Steelers if they are a wildcard team this season much like they were in 2005 unless by some unseen miracle the 5 and the 6 seed make it to the Championship game arent getting that lucky. Now I know people will say again they did it in 2005 but let's face it fellas there was a lot and I mean a lot that had to go right for the Steelers in that magical run of 2005. Palmer got taken out of the first game in Cincy as we all know,Ben had to make a miracle saving tackle on Harper in the Indy game after the Bettis fumble to prevent him from scoring, and then Vanderjact who rarely missed FG's in the RCA Dome shanked one that would have sent the game to OT to lose the game and prevent the Steelers from blowing an 18 point 4th quarter lead to the Colts. Then, they got lucky and played an overrated Broncos team in the AFC Championship game that was lead by Jake Plummer instead of facing Tom Brady and the Patriots in New England who ended up losing to the Broncos the week before. Plus, I think that run was really motivated by the fact that they wanted to really win for Jerome Bettis seeing that the Super Bowl was in Detroit and that win or lose this would be the last go around for Bettis. I dont know if they are going to have that kind of motivation this season if this has to be done again to go into those places I just mentioned and play over their heads and win each game.

    Now I know it's not impossible for the Steelers to do guys but let's face it if they have to go on the road this year and do the exact samething Im telling you right now it's not going to be as easy and break friendly free as it was in 2005 it just wont be like that. Do you really want to bank on the possiblity of the Steelers having to go into either Cincy,San Diego or Denver,New England,or Indy 3 weeks in a row and winning every single one of those this season?? I sure as hell dont. And let's face it the Steelers are probably going to have to end up beating Tom Brady and Peyton Manning on the road back to back weeks which would just be an enormous task.

    It's why Im here to tell you and why I have been posting this the past few days since the Bengals loss that you had better hope the Steelers win out the rest of this schedule and the Bengals lose at least 2 more games which I really really believe has a better then 50/50 chance of happening when you look at who the Steelers have left on their schedule the last 7 games and who the Bengals play on the road in December. If that happens the Steelers win the AFC North and get the number 2 seed in the AFC and the bye week. Then, your chances of playing 2 home games and hosting the Championship game much like last season increase and so does your odds of making it to the Super Bowl. And Im telling you if the Steelers get the bye week and get the number 2 seed I like their chances a lot of going to the Super Bowl even if it means having to still go to Indy to win the AFC Championship and just play one road game. All Im saying is I know people on here will point to 05 and say the Steelers did it then so they can do it again but the way the AFC is set up this year with the Patriots,Colts,and Bengals all being very tough the odds of the Steelers going into all 3 of those playoffs 3 straight weeks and winning are not very good.

    It's why as Ive been saying also the Steelers chances of making it back to the Super Bowl might rely strongly on what happens in that Ravens game in Baltimore next Sunday night. Because if they win that game I can most definitely see the Steelers winning out the rest of their schedule with the Raiders,Browns,Packers,Ravens again,and Miami, and the Bengals losing 2 more games to the Vikings and Chargers on the road in December and the Steelers winning the North and getting the 2 seed. It's the best road to take to get to Miami and it's the safest road to take. Im usually as optimistic as anyone on this site but Ill say this if the Steelers do not win out and win this division and get the bye which is what it's probably going to take now to do so the chances of their being 7th Heaven come February 7th in Miami are going to be slim and none.
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