Fellow Steeler fans:

Give this writer a piece of your mind!...or just spam the hell out of him! Read this article, I am sure you will be as pi**ed off as I am!
Here is his email: montreatman@aol.com and pdaugherty@enquirer.com


Here is what I wrote to him:
Paul Ė

Obviously, you didnít go to the last Steelers/Bengals game. Before you start throwing names around like a little 6 year old!! The Bengal fans were unreal! Just because someone gave you a computer and some fingers to type, how dare you throw names out like troll or mindless. I know you are in need of attention because you were the little boy that got beat up at school and now you are looking like big man on campus because you are in the position to have the power to write an article. I have worked with people like you all my life. We could spend a whole day trying to figure out your troubled youth. Your job as a writer is to look at both sides, not to write what people want to hear.

EVERY, and I mean EVERY NFL football team has fans that are good and bad. So for you to throw all Steelers fans into the same group, is showing your ignorance and all you are trying to do is build your credibility with the Cincinnati crowd. The Steeler fans I know, which are all over the Queen city, are nothing like you write about, get your facts straight, go to Martinos on any given Sunday, do your research as a reporter.

So next time you write an article covering this topic, do us all a favor and donít, let someone else who is a bit more grounded to write that for our paper, you might want to stick with placing the classifieds.

Best wishes on your new classified assignment,

Chris Spencer