And the Bengals lose two more games this season. That's it it's as simple as that. It doesnt matter what any other team does in the AFC the Patriots,Colts,Chargers,Broncos,or Ravens. I really believe that if the Steelers do win out the rest of the regular season and finish 13-3 it will be good enough to win the division and get a first round bye in the playoffs. And Im about to explain why so stay with me here and follow and you will have a lot more hope about this thing after youre done reading this thread. The Steelers already have tiebrakers over both potential AFC West winners in the Broncos and Chargers so it would be impossible for both of them to catch the Steelers if they would happen to win out and finish 13-3 because both of them already have 3 losses and would automatically lose the head to head tiebraker to the Steelers seeing that they lost to them. That would put us no worse then the number 3 seed in the AFC assuming they still win the North. Same can be said for the New England Patriots as well they currently have the same record as the Steelers at 6-3 but have 1 more AFC conference loss then the Steelers right now which is the first head to head tiebraker seeing that the Steelers dont play the Patriots this year head to head. So assuming the Pats win the AFC East which they most likely will if the Steelers win out and finish 13-3 the Patriots cannot finish ahead of the Steelers either even if they do win out because the Steelers would finish with a better conference record then the Patriots.

That bring us to the big problem and that's the Cincinnati Bengals. In order for the Steelers to win the division and get the bye week and the number 2 seed I feel they pretty much need to win out the last 7 games and have the Bengals lose 2 out of their 4 remaining road games they have left this season which are at Oakland,at Minnesota,at San Diego,and at the New York Jets. If that would happen the Steelers would finish the season 13-3 to the Bengals 12-4 and would win the AFC North based on a better overall record then the Bengals which is really their only legit chance I think at this point to win the North over the Bengals. I do not see the Bengals winning out the rest of the way and finishing 14-2. They will drop definitely one of those 4 remaining road games I just mentioned and maybe 2 of them. It's not completely ridiculous to suggest that and think it cant happen because it can. Like Ive been saying in other posts and threads the key key game in this stretch to make this thing possible is the game much like last season in Baltimore 13 days from now on Sunday night. Im going to assume the Steelers are going to beat the Chiefs,Raiders,and Browns 3 out of the next 4 weeks which would get us to the weekend of December 13th. At that point the Bengals would then be in that stretch where they play those tough road games back to back weeks at the Vikings and at the Chargers.

The Steelers need to stay a game back of the Bengals up until that Vikings game on December 13th and they will honestly I believe have a legit chance to still win the AFC North because I could see the Steelers winning out against the Packers and Ravens at home,and on the road at Miami to close out the year. You would then need the Bengals to drop both of those games in Minnesota and San Diego who both will be fighting for division titles and bye weeks potentially and will definitely need to win just as much if not more then the Bengals.

That's the situation right now guys on how the Steelers can still win the North and get the number 2 seed and the week off in the playoffs. By winning out and having the Bengals lose 2 more games this season it's as simple as that...It's definitely possible fellas if you look at what I just said and break it down like I just did. So dont give up just yet Steelers fans there is still a lot of hope left...