Bengals schedule for upcoming weeks

raiders 2-6
browns 1-7
lions 1-8
Vikings 8-1
chargers 5-3
Chiefs 1-7
jets 4-5

Steelers schedule for upcoming weeks

chiefs 1-7
ravens 4-4
raiders 2-6
browns 1-7
packers 4-4
dolphins 4-5

Out of these i could see Bengals loosing to Vikings, Chargers and Jets. I could see us loosing to Ravens (once), packers and dolphins. While i really don't think we'll loose to either packers and dolphins, it could happen - They have teams to give us a good fight. Ravens is going to play is really tough. No matter how bad they have played lately, they hate Steelers with a passion, and they'll bring their A-game to both of the games. We really need to win those two games against Ravens now, but i could see us loosing one of them.