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    Post ESPN Post game

    Did you guys catch the ESPN post game conversation on how Ben is still not an "elite"QB? A few years ago he was called a game manager and was a guy who got to where he was because of the running game and throwing only 20 passes a game or whatever. This season he's putting up ridiculous #'s, so now the argument changed to he's not in the Brady/Manning divine place because he doesn't "dictate" to defenses... What? This is just complete and utter bull I just can't believe the bias against Ben and don't understand the reasoning behind it if there is any. What is it that he has to do throw 10 TD passes a game? I'm starting to believe what many here have said about ex players having hatred for the Steelers from past beatings they took with just plain envy at their success mixed in there too. It has to be something like that because the analysis is just too stupid even for ex jocks.
    One more thing is Steve Young plain retarded or on drugs? He babbles sometimes incoherently and his train of thought just derails completely somethings not right with that guy.

    Oh there was also mention of how it's the weapons he has around him that make him look good, apparently Manning/Brady have never had good recievers.
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