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Thread: ESPN Post game

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLKNGLDSCORPIO View Post
    Can we just put this to sleep already. Big Steel Ben is the best and the most fun to watch and has most "playground skills" and is a kick *** QB and is very great and is a true ELITE QB and tops all other qbs. Ben does not need records only CHAMPIONSHIPS. He's not through yet.
    Well said!

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    Quote Originally Posted by greg1964 View Post
    I personally hope it come down to Ben vs Brady for the right to go to the Super Bowl and then Ben vs Brees with the Steelers winning the 7th Super Bowl title. Then all this who is the best QB stuff will be put to rest.
    Now THAT would be interesting to see how the media reacts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 75Steeler View Post
    This pisses me off. Ben is 27 years old and already has 2 superbowl rings. He has one of the best QB ratings ever in the NFL and he is huge. He can throw the ball as good if not better than anyone in the league and he can take a hit. The sports media has never given him the respect he deserves. Did anyone see Mendenhall throw up that block to protect Ben last night? Mendenhall has really become just what we needed since Bettis retired.

    Ben is tops.. The media sees the steelers having a usual one or two quarters a game with 0 offensive points... they lay that problem on Ben.

    I lay that on Bruce. We fix that and we will be an unbeatable machine.

    Then Ben will be the king of QB's in the medias eyes.

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