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Thread: If there's any doubt left about Mendenhall, it should be gone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blazedby92 View Post
    And when I assumed that you where smart enough to understand what I mean you surprise me.

    I posted that video 2 pages ago and no he doesn't lower his shoulder anywhere on it and yes He had A beautiful block thats not what I said and it was one. I swear I have looked every where, Good luck!!!

    I'm sure K doesn't need your help especially yours since your rarely know what the hell your talking about.
    You know what, whatever. I'm done in this topic, since you are as easy to talk football with, as a stone. There have been plenty of vids now where he lower his shoulder - Noone ever claimed that the guy is the RB in the league who does it best, but he does it, and he does it in pretty much all of the vids of him out there to a certain degree. Its funny how everyone but you can see that, but i guess you are the most blessed all-knowing football expert here anyways.

    im out
    However much you think you know about football, rest assured that Skip Bayless knows more!

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    Yo Jens, there's no point in agruing with that tool. And you know what the best part is? Blazed is the only one who thinks we are "K followers"....

    Here, Lets go see if Train needs our help in another thread.
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