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Thread: Timmons, Kirschke will sit out Monday's game in Denver

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    Quote Originally Posted by No l Gravity l View Post
    Remember, Ike was benched because he was getting beat by guys like Matt Jones in 2006.

    Liability in coverage? Ha I've seen him compensate for our corner's mistakes by catching up to them w/ his speed.

    I know you are a Polamalu hater, but outside of Harrison, he is the best player on our defense.
    maybe true...but i never want to see troy man up on anyone....ever

    great player, liability in coverage

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    Ben and the O will need to score TD's....Put this one away, allow the D to pin their ears back and get to Orton....

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    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    Ben and the O will need to score TD's....Put this one away, allow the D to pin their ears back and get to Orton....
    "Without ME, it's just AWESO"
    "To all the virgins, thanks for nothing"

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    Yeah if Ben's on fire, we win this easily

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    Let's not go blaming Clark for not playing, if he actually doesn't play, because I'd bet money the decision was as much Tomlin for sitting him out as anything. Clark is a competitor, if there is a way for him to safely play without risking further injury then I'm sure he would be out there. Tomlin should be doing the right thing here and just sitting him out to save him from himself, in a matter of speaking.

    As far as Travis goes, Eason & Hood will be fine, they pretty much have to be because there is nobody else.

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    Clark - understandable... Hope we can minimize Carter being on the field but Mundy is inexperienced

    Travis - Eason... oh god

    Timmons - Fox always hangs in there even tho he isnt the most gifted person on the field.
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