Now according to this article from Ron Cook in today's Post Gazette the Steelers fans should be upset and worried that the Ravens beat the Broncos yesterday and are still alive and well for the division. The Ravens beating the Broncos yesterday and handling them pretty easily didnot really come as a huge huge shock to me because the Ravens were due to win a game, and the Broncos who I dont believe are very good were due to lose a game. The fact of the matter is the Ravens needed to win that game yesterday a lot more then the Denver Broncos did. The Ravens could not afford to fall to 3-4 and 2 games behind both the Bengals and the Steelers going into their game at Cincy this Sunday. I had wrote about this last week that by the Ravens winning the next 2 weeks against Denver which they did do, and at Cincy this Sunday combined with a Steelers win in Denver next Monday night that it would actually help the Steelers out by not only getting them back into first place in the AFC North, but by also overtaking the Broncos in the AFC as the current number 2 seed.

So while Cook and everybody else are talking about how bad it is that the Ravens won it's actually a good thing yesterday if you look at the big picture in terms of down the road and playoff seedings assuming the Steelers still win the AFC North which of course I believe like Im sure many others on this board do that they will. You should also be rooting for the Ravens to beat the Bengals this week as well and put the Bengals at 5-3 and give them their first division loss since the Bengals are currently 3-0 in the division. If that happens and the Steelers win at Denver next Monday the Steelers will be back in first place going into their big showdown with the Bengals and have a chance to go up 2 games on the Bengals with a win against them at Heinz Field on November 15th which would be huge. Assuming the Ravens win the next 2 weeks at Cincy and at Cleveland which I believe they will do both that will put them at 6-3. And if the Steelers win the next 2 weeks at Denver and at home against the Bengals it will put them at 7-2. This is where it will get tough for the Ravens as their next 3 games are against the Colts who always beat the Ravens even though the game is in Baltimore,home against the Steelers the next week, and then at Green Bay the following Monday night which is never an easy place to win.

The Steelers schedule in those same weeks are at Kansas City,obviously the next week at Baltimore, followed by the Raiders at home. So if you look at that stretch there comparing the two schedules assuming the Steelers are still up a game in the division on the Ravens the schedule clearly says advantage Steelers. Even if the Ravens would manage to beat the Colts in Baltimore the Steelers who are definitely going to beat the Chiefs would still have a chance to go 2 games up on the Ravens with a win in Baltimore the following Sunday,and possibly 3 games if the Colts should beat the Ravens. So Im not worried at all about the Ravens winning yesterday because if you look down the road at both of these teams schedules right when they are supposed to play each other the Steelers have a clear clear advantage with an easier schedule and should be able to keep a 1 or 2 game lead on the Ravens going into December especially if they beat them in Baltimore at the end of the month.