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Thread: Zebra Report: Simmer, 'Stealer' Haters

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    Quote Originally Posted by No l Gravity l View Post
    When the Steelers only win, people complain about the officiating ro say we got lucky. Same excuses every year.
    It is such a tired excuse at this point. The fact is, when the game is on the line the Steelers just find a way to win. And instead of giving them credit, people would much rather blame the referees.

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    Now that's unfair
    We can't be given gamesby the refs AND be called stealers at the same time now. Sheesh
    and luck is a myth. You make your own luck. Good things happen to good teams andbad things happen to bad teams . The circle of life

    (yes,i said WE)
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    Blaming the games on reffing is a terrible excuse. Good teams find a way around bad reffing. I mean last year alone James Harrison was held every time he blitzed and yet he still set the Steelers sack record.

    The one that really gets me is those who complain about our recent Super Bowls. Last time I checked, Seattle still had a chance after that pass interefence call to score a TD. Yet they folded each time a call didn't go their way even though those holding calls were pretty clear in my book.Then this year with the fumble. I mean come on! That play did not decide the game. Let's say they do over turn that call. They still have to execute and get the ball into the endzone, which I doubt they would have cause they were at midfield at the time. We do not pay the refs. I would love to see those whiners come up with proof that we do.

    Note: Does anyone have that picture of all the "controsversial" calls of XL and it goes:
    "That was a push"........"STFU"
    "That was TD" ............."STFU"
    "The Champs, The Champs, The Champs"............."STFU"
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    I just love the fact that even the refs are gettin' tired of hearin' it lol

    I read the other day that the reason Steelers won against the Vikes was because the Steelers are the darlings of the NFL (which is why the refs "gave" us that game). I thought that the "darlings" of the NFL were the Pats, Colts, and 'Boys?

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    If the Steelers got every holding call against James Harrison, Super Bowl XLIII alone would have taken 4 days to complete.

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