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Thread: Sausage suggestion

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    Sausage suggestion

    If anyone lives outside of Pittsburgh or any other city where you have access to a good Italian market. I suggest going to Costco and getting their Italian sausage. It is Premio brand. They have both hot and sweet. they also have really good Italian rolls. Now for my recipe.

    Boil sausage 30 minutes. Rinse in a strainer.
    Cook sauce and add bell pepper, onion, mushrooms and spices as desired.
    Pour sauce into crock pot and add sausage.
    Let this cook on high for another hour or more depending on the amount.
    Switch to low or serve setting and serve.
    Turn TV to Steeler game crack a beer and enjoy!

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    75Steeler, thanks for the recipe, I do something similar and you may want to try it.

    Throw all that stuff in the pot together and let it cook down til the sauce thickens (but does not stick), a crock pot works great for this, but if you don't have one be sure to cook on LOW, this is very important. Medium won't do at all and High is right out. Try adding a full cup of Heinz Ketchup to your sauce mix. You'll get the benefit of having the sausage flavor infused in the mixture. The addition of the Heinz is a secret I learned a long time ago. Can't be beat, honest. Also the sausage will be very tender, melt in your mouth, with this method.

    When you serve it toast your sub roll and spread it with some garlic butter. A perfect recipe for watching the Steelers win!
    john 21:17-21

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    i like this as well but i throw my sausage on the grill for about 5 minutes first. it browns the outside & gives them that grill taste.

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    That would be yummy with some mozzarella or pepperjack on top.

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    Costco??? WTF. That is rat from the loading dock.

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