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Thread: Why should Willie be the starter????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steelersfan View Post
    Same here! But I loved what I saw from Mendy last game! He was hitting the hole and hitting it hard!!!!! He has the ability to knock defenders back AND bust the long one! I don't care what anyone says about the line. Mendy was hitting it hard and that is what counts!
    I agree, and my past football days, be it coaching pee wee or playing the more you hit a defender the less they want to tackle.

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    The Steelers spent a first round pick on Rashard Mendenhall for a reason and that was to be our franchise RB so I say yea start Rashard and work Parker back in slowly and just let Parker be the change of pace....I don't what to hear you can't lose your job to injury type of B.S.......I will always be a fan of Parker and thankful for what he did for this team the last 4 seasons......But its Mendenhall's time and I want to this kid to continue to grow......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    I don't what to hear you can't lose your job to injury type of B.S.

    Tell that to Drew Bledsoe!

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    Fact of the matter is that there is really no upside to starting Willie over Rashard right now. Rashard is big, fast and strong. All willie has on him is experience. Rashard is simply better.

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