Now I know some people on this board and all over Steelers Nation are in complete panic mode, and while there should be a lot of concern about what has happened the last 2 weeks, people still need to look at the whole body of work the rest of the season and realize it's only September and 3 games in. Now Im with everybody on this board that this Steelers team especially the defense needs to start learning how to close games out something they were doing last season and arent doing now. Whether missing Troy is that signifgant to getting that done who knows?? But either way they need to stop trying to win games with last second heroics like last season and put teams away early in the games like they have failed to do two weeks in a row at Chicago and at Cincy.

The silver lining in this whole 1-2 start is that I still believe that the Steelers schedule for the remainder of the season will help them turn this thing around and allow them to get back to their winning ways. They still have games remaining with the Lions,Chiefs,Raiders,Miami who just lost Pennington for the whole season and who is 0-3,the Denver Broncos who are 3-0 but havent played anybody yet and overrated I think, and two games with the Cleveland Browns who are probably the worst team in the NFL. Plus, they have another game left with the Bengals here at Heinz Field which if the Steelers play on offense the way they did yesterday and finally solve this problem of closing out games should be able to take care of them the second time around. There is no way I see the Bengals sweeping the Steelers. They have I believe 5 tough tough games remaining and they are with the Vikings,Packers,two with the Ravens and this Sunday against the Chargers. The good news is 4 of those 5 games will be played at Heinz Field. I think a win this week against a pretty good Chargers team will go a long and I mean a long way to getting this ship turned in the right direction. You got the Lions and Browns up the next 2 weeks after the Chargers game and I dont care what anybody says about any given week in the NFL the Steelers MUST win both of those games with Detroit and Cleveland no ifs,ands,or buts about it. I believe they will be able to do so.

The key will be finding a way to beat a very potent San Diego Chargers team here at home Sunday night. It wont be easy especially without Troy again. But Im going to take the Steelers to win this game in another close one. I dont see them dropping 3 in a row, and I think playing on primetime and being back at home and having the crowd back on their side will help them in this game especially on defense. Getting back to 2-2 with the Lions and Browns up next should allow the Steelers to get to 4-2 going into the Vikings game here at the end of the month. Baltimore and Cincy both still have a lot of tough games left as well and play each other in a few weeks so both of them will have their losses as well here soon. The Ravens have 3 tough games in a row coming up at New England,hosting Cincy,and at Minnesota. None of those will be cakewalks for the Ravens. The schedule definitely favors the Steelers looking at that the next 3 weeks. Four of the Steelers next six games are at home and they only have to go on the road one time between now and November 9th when they go to Denver and that is to Detroit in 2 weeks which is barely going to be a road game.

I had written on here before the season started that these first four games with the Titans,Bears,Bengals,and Chargers were not gimmies and probably the toughest stretch of the season for the Steelers which has proven so far to be right on the money. Anybody who thought the Bears and Bengals games were going to be just show up and win games were kidding themselves. So people just need to calm down take a deep breath and look at the rest of the schedule for the Steelers and who they play,along with Troy returning in a few weeks and realize that it's not all doom and gloom and that there is a lot of reason to still be optimistic that this can and will get turned around.