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Thread: Steelers activate Redman from practice squad

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    Steelers activate Redman from practice squad

    The Steelers activated rookie running back Isaac Redman from the practice squad today and released veteran defensive end Nick Eason, who hadn't dressed in the first three games. Redman, undrafted out of Bowie State, signed with the Steelers after the draft because they were the only team to make an offer, and he exploded onto the scene during goal-line drills.

    In the first goal-line series of camp, Redman scored two touchdowns on two carries -- the sixth and seventh attempts of the Steelers' 7-play event. This came on the heels of a fruitless performance by the first team, when Rashard Mendenhall was stopped twice and Frank Summers was stopped once. Summers scored against the second team with Redman as his fullback.

    A week later, after Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin publicly questioned Redman's conditioning, he gave Redman all seven of the goal-line carries and Redman responded with five touchdowns.

    Redman led the Steelers in preseason rushing with 145 yards, 37 carries (3.9 avg.) and 3 touchdowns. He was activated because of the turf toe injury to Willie Parker, and could be used as the Steelers' short-yardage back Sunday night against the San Diego Chargers.

    The release of Eason opens up the possibility that the Steelers will add defensive lineman Sonny Harris in some capacity. The Steelers cut Harris after drafting him in the sixth round. The Steelers hoped to add him to their practice squad, but Harris was claimed by the Carolina Panthers, where he played in two games and made two tackles. The Panthers waived Harris this week.

    - I don't think Redman will make much difference in this game. I doubt he even gets on the field for too many offensive sets. He might be able to make an impression on special teams if he shows some hustle and makes some big hits.

    - Not sorry to see Nick Eason go. He was not very impressive and was never the future at any of the starting positions. He was nothing more than an interim warm body to give the starters a breather and with Hood waiting in the wings for a starting spot, Eason was at the top rung of the ladder for himself.

    - Will be happy to see Sonny Harris back on the team. He showed some potential in camp and in the pre-season games. If he and Ziggy end up as our future book-end DE's then the only need left to retool the D-line would be another bad-*** nose tackle.

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    oh goodie

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    got the text about this...and all i could do was ....sigh.

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    I got a text that Willie Parker was out, and all I could do was cheer!!!

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    Lets try not to hype up the kid like Russell. Let him prove anything before we "sigh"

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    Quote Originally Posted by No l Gravity l View Post
    I got a text that Willie Parker was out, and all I could do was cheer!!!
    yeah he was terrible last game....Redman probably would have broken the single season rushing record in that one game since he is such a bad-***

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    redman isn't the long term answer for anything but the kid runs REAL hard. he's not going to take away from the table. that's for sure.
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    Now we are guaranteed a win for sure

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    Thank God, now we have no worries at all. Any Redman projections? I saw one for 20 rushes 839 yards. But I think he can reach 900 yards on 11 carries.

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