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im being honest when i say sweed broke my heart....cant give up on him but hes got a ways to go as a receiver...excellent physical specimen and a good guy hopefully he can get it together.

mendenhall is not and will not be a bust, and sweed whether he is nothing in the future we couldnt have passed on him there, they considered him 32 spots earlier.

i bet you were one of the people who thought timmons was a bust after his rookie year.

also ryan mundy was a 6th round pick and hes still around and they are pretty high on him as a replacement for clark
I dont know what you do with Limas Sweed at this point but it's pretty obvious after another key drop for a TD yesterday that Tomlin was pissed after the game and that McDonald is going to get an opportunity to play in the 4-5 wide package come Sunday and beyond. You just cannot continue to drop key passes especially ones that are TD's like Limas Sweed has continued to do since he has been activated on gameday. The drop yesterday was flat out inexcusable and Sweed should be and deserves to not see the field. Mike Wallace at this point is head and shoulders ahead of Limas Sweed anyway and has earned the number 3 receiving position on this team.

As for Mendenhall the Steelers really need to start using this guy more during the game especially in the short yardage 3rd down situations. It's pretty obvious that Parker cant get the job done on 3rd and short and on the goaline so next in line has to be Mendenhall. He cant contribute when he is standing on the sideline with his thumb up his *** because him and Tomlin arent seeing eye to eye though. I didnt get Tomlin's comments yesterday when asked why didnt they use Mendenhall he said he wasnt fully prepared to play or something along those lines. Well if he wasnt fully prepared and you no intention of using him Coach Tomlin then why the hell wasnt Redman dressed?? Tomlin's comments in regards to that just made no sense. Whatever the deal is with Tomlin and Mendenhall it better get rectified and fixed sooner rather then later because this team is going to need Mendenhall to contribute on offense and in the run game at some point this season...