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Thread: Tomlin's 2008 Draft Class

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    Tomlin's 2008 Draft Class

    Possibly the worst draft class in Steeler history as it stands. Tomlin was very fortunate to have a great team to hide this huge blunder. Take a look:

    Mendenhall: In Tomlin's doghouse. Struggled early on with fumbles then ended up breaking his shoulder after promising to have a huge game against the Ravens. Never gets any touches but will probably be our feature back next season. Remains to be seen if he is any good, he has shown some flashes, but so far he has definitely been a disappointment. Verdict: Leaning towards BUST
    Limas Sweed: Or should I say Limas Pee'd. This marks his 3rd dropped touchdown pass. Mike Wallace has done more than 1 game than he has done in 22 career starts. Verdict: BUST
    Bruce Davis: Great combine but never did anything on gametime. Cut from the team after disappointing time and time again. Verdict: BUST
    Tony Hills: Can't make the first team despite tons of injuries and a lack of talent on the first team. Verdict: BUST
    Dennis Dixon: Tomlin's most retarded pick on draft day is still a 3rd stringer behind Charlie Batch. Despite being a little fun to watch in the preseason, he has yet to see the field in a meaningful NFL game. Verdict: Leaning towards BUST
    Mike Humpal: Wasted Pick. Verdict: BUST
    7th round trade for Allen Rossum: We all know how this went. Verdict: Tomlin's draft class sucked balls.

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    I'm not sure we can say these are Tomlin's picks, but I do agree the class is not looking good. We can't afford not to draft well in the next few years, with the aging guys we have. Also, draft related, we need to find the next Troy, soon.
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    I think Mendenhall will be good. Tomlin is just teaching him lessons now. Nothing in this league gets handed to you on a platter because you were a first round pick. He has to earn the right to play by doing the right things off the field and on the practice track first.

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    Beside the select few that are no longer steelers, you can't call them busts after their rookie seasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greennick View Post
    I think Mendenhall will be good. Tomlin is just teaching him lessons now. Nothing in this league gets handed to you on a platter because you were a first round pick. He has to earn the right to play by doing the right things off the field and on the practice track first.
    In doing so I feel he blew the chance to pound the ball with fresh legs and run the time out. I didn't like his decision at all!

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    Not getting productive players in the draft is what absolutely KILLS teams in the long run. Seen it too many times in my lifetime. Conversely even just one really good draft is sometimes enough to turn a teams fortunes around.

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    Mendenhall needs to start getting out there more and playing. He has been a complete and total disaster so far since he has been a Steeler. I dont know what the deal is between Mendenhall and Tomlin here but it better get fixed and rectified sooner rather then later. The Steelers still lack a short yardage run game as seen yesterday in the Bengals loss. They just continue to fail to get 1 or 2 yards on 3rd and short no matter where they are on the field. It needs to improve and it needs to get better if the Steelers are going to start winning games consistently again. Mendenhall needs to be a vital part of that in my opinion and he cant do that if Tomlin continues not to play him and not use him in those kind of situations.

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    The draft

    I know you win some an dlose some in the draft. But, I think we have experimented and reached on some of our picks from rounds three on. Then we seemingly lose prosepcts when we cut down the roster but keep guys like Summers who fail to block as FB. I am pulling for guys like Frank and Limas but at some point guys need to do the things they were drafted to do. I hate NE, but they do manage their picks awfully well. I would love to see our team do some of the same types of things to get extra picks. Wallace is a pleasant surprise this year already.

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    im being honest when i say sweed broke my heart....cant give up on him but hes got a ways to go as a receiver...excellent physical specimen and a good guy hopefully he can get it together.

    mendenhall is not and will not be a bust, and sweed whether he is nothing in the future we couldnt have passed on him there, they considered him 32 spots earlier.

    i bet you were one of the people who thought timmons was a bust after his rookie year.

    also ryan mundy was a 6th round pick and hes still around and they are pretty high on him as a replacement for clark

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    Not many recievers shine until the 3rd+ year. Mendy needs to show something this year. I wouldn't call it a bust yet...but it's not looking like the '74 draft that's for sure!
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