Possibly the worst draft class in Steeler history as it stands. Tomlin was very fortunate to have a great team to hide this huge blunder. Take a look:

Mendenhall: In Tomlin's doghouse. Struggled early on with fumbles then ended up breaking his shoulder after promising to have a huge game against the Ravens. Never gets any touches but will probably be our feature back next season. Remains to be seen if he is any good, he has shown some flashes, but so far he has definitely been a disappointment. Verdict: Leaning towards BUST
Limas Sweed: Or should I say Limas Pee'd. This marks his 3rd dropped touchdown pass. Mike Wallace has done more than 1 game than he has done in 22 career starts. Verdict: BUST
Bruce Davis: Great combine but never did anything on gametime. Cut from the team after disappointing time and time again. Verdict: BUST
Tony Hills: Can't make the first team despite tons of injuries and a lack of talent on the first team. Verdict: BUST
Dennis Dixon: Tomlin's most retarded pick on draft day is still a 3rd stringer behind Charlie Batch. Despite being a little fun to watch in the preseason, he has yet to see the field in a meaningful NFL game. Verdict: Leaning towards BUST
Mike Humpal: Wasted Pick. Verdict: BUST
7th round trade for Allen Rossum: We all know how this went. Verdict: Tomlin's draft class sucked balls.